Who Is Kshama Bindu? Gujarat Woman Set To Marry Herself

Sologamy For Kshama Bindu
Kshama Bindu from Gujarat has hit the headlines for an unusual reason. The Sociology graduate is getting married to herself on June 11 and leaving for her honeymoon post then.

Here’s everything you should know about Kshama Bindu

  • She is 24-years-old living in Vadodara city of Gujarat. She is working at a private firm outsourcing manpower.
  • In an interview, she said that she had always wanted to become a bride one day but never envisioned becoming someone’s wife. And so, sologamy was the path she chose to follow for herself.
  • The wedding scheduled to take place on 11th June will be attended by around 15 people including her friends and colleagues. She has already sent invites to all of them.
  • She plans to take ‘feras’ and will also perform all the traditional rituals and even wear vermillion.
  • She has also organised a mehendi ceremony on June 9.
  • According to her, self-marriage is a commitment to be there for yourself and unconditional love for oneself. It is an act of self-acceptance. She says that people usually marry the ones they love. In her case, she loves herself and made the decision.
  • Her parents are also happy with her decision. They will bless her via video call.
  • She has chosen Goa as her honeymoon destination post-marriage where she will spend two weeks.
  • According to some sources, this may be the first example of sologamy in India.
  • She also said that she identified herself as bisexual.
  • She has even booked a priest to solemnise her marriage.
  • She also said that she wanted to break stereotypes as there are people tired of finding love and getting divorced multiple times.
  • Congress leader Milind Deora has expressed his dislike for the news.

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What is Sologamy?

For the unversed, sologamy is the act of marrying oneself. It is also called autogamy or self-marriage. It is, however, neither recognised by the law of any country nor a social norm so far.

New York woman who married herself

In May 2017, a 37-year-old Erika Anderson also tied the knot to herself. On her wedding day, she wore a beautiful white dress and was seen carrying a bouquet along with her. She also went on a solo trip to Mexico to celebrate her one-year anniversary.

“I think it has increased over the years, and it’s something that’s becoming more understood and more accepted,” Levin said in an interview.