Social Media Celebrates Kshama Bindu’s Marriage To Herself

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The 24-year-old Kshama Bindu is now a happily married woman. Kshama Bindu married herself on June 8. She had announced that she plans to marry herself on June 11, but decided to prepone the wedding to avoid any controversies. Most marriages have a priest and a groom, but Bindu’s wedding had neither.

Kshama Bindu said that the wedding was a “hush-hush affair” and only 10 of her friends and colleagues were present. Bindu said that the reason behind the change of plans was “I felt that someone may try to create controversy on the day of the wedding and I didn’t want to spoil my special day”. She added that she also had to change the venue in an effort to avoid trouble.

While the wedding did not take place in the venue she wanted, in a temple, and there was no priest present, Bindu did her Mehendi and Haldi rituals and took pheras.

Kshama Bindu faced resistance when Bharatiya Janta Party  (BJP) leader Sunita Shukla said that she would not allow the wedding at a temple since “such marriages are against Hinduism”. Shortly afterwards, the priest who agreed to the wedding backed out. Thus, Kshama Bindu married herself at her residence without a priest.

Kshama Bindu said she had planned to marry herself for a long time but was unsure about whether she would be able to do it. She has chosen Goa as her honeymoon destination.

Twitter Reactions After Kshama Bindu Married Herself

Several Twitter users and netizens showed their support as Kshama Bindu married herself.

Politician Suparno Satpathy tweeted, “This young lady Kshama Nindu shall be inspirational for so many.”

Another user quoted Bindu’s statement about marrying herself, even if she couldn’t be married in a temple and said Bindu has her “full support”.

In response to Sunita Shukla’s statement, a user responded that Bindu was not committing any crime and said, “She has right to live the way she wants although she has made a different decision [sic]”.

Journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi tweeted an article about Kshama Bindu’s sologamy plan and captioned it “An extreme case of #MainApniFavouriteHoon”. When a user responded and said that there was “nothing wrong in that” and that Bindu had just made a “different decision”, Kalanidhi agreed with the user and clarified, “I love what she did”.

While there were supporters, there were also users confused by the concept of sologamy and some users who were downright against it. A user described it as “stupidity” and said she “needs a treatment by a psychiatrist”.

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