Sologamy: Vadodara Woman To Play Mantras On Tape After Priest Backs Out

Sologamy For Kshama Bindu
Kshama Bindu, a Vadodara woman, aspires to become the first woman to opt for sologamy in India. Her decision has garnered mixed responses from netizens. She will be getting hitched to herself on June 11. Is it easy for her to take the decision? What hurdles is she facing?


The 24-year-old from Vadodara plans to register her marriage like any other couple. She firmly believes that if two people can get their wedding registered then she can also do so. She also plans to consult a lawyer to ensure she becomes a legally married woman in India.

Priest backs out

She doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments so she has decided to change the venue of her wedding which was earlier in a temple. She had also roped in a priest who would have helped her solemnize the wedding but he also backed out. Now, she will play the wedding mantras on a tape, as per a report.

More about Kshama Bindu

  • She is a resident of Vadodara city in Gujarat and is working at a private firm outsourcing manpower.
  • The sociology graduate’s wedding will be attended by around 15 people including her friends and colleagues.
  • She has also organized a Mehendi ceremony on June 9.
  •  Self-marriage, according to her, is a commitment to be there for yourself and unconditional love for yourself. She said that she loves herself and made the decision.
  • Her parents have no qualms about the fact that she is opting for sologamy.
  • She will be going to Goa post her wedding.
  • She also said that she identifies herself as a bisexual person.

How did politicians react?

Congress leader Milind Deora is upset about the whole thing. He replied to a report about Kshama Bindu’s plans of sologamy and tweeted that “I have said it before – ‘wokeness’ borders on insanity. Let’s hope it stays far, far away from India”.

What is Sologamy?

For the unlettered, sologamy is an act of getting married to oneself. It is also called autogamy or self-marriage. It is, however, neither recognised by the law of any country nor a social norm so far.

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