Korean Woman Allegedly Molested By An Indian Man During Live Stream

A video depicting a live-streamed incident captured the distressing moment when a South Korean social media influencer was allegedly groped and molested from behind by an individual reported to be from South Asia.

Priya Prakash
Sep 12, 2023 14:46 IST
Image Credit: Reddit
A video depicting a live-streamed incident captured the distressing moment when a South Korean social media influencer, was allegedly groped and molested from behind by an individual reported to be from South Asia.

The distressing incident that occurred on a staircase within MTR Central Station has gone viral on various social media platforms, with Reddit being a notable platform for its circulation.

The footage painfully illustrates the woman's visible distress as she desperately calls for assistance and even mentions, "I am not alone." Regrettably, no one came to her aid. The video concluded abruptly, leaving many unanswered questions about the incident's specific location and timing.

What Happened:


The travel streamer, May5W with more than 13000 followers can be seen in a video of the incident that was uploaded to r/hongkong at around midnight, waiting for a tram to take her back to her hotel. She is asked about the tram routes by a man who is also waiting for the tram, and they begin a conversation.

After some time, May begins to appear worried as she realises how late it is and that the trams won't be arriving. The man requests directions to his home in Kennedy Town, as she chooses to take the MTR in its place. When May sees that they are going in the same direction, she tells the man to follow her.

The man says "thank you" and encircles her as they continue walking. With a resounding "Okay, okay" and an uncomfortably awkward expression, she tries to push him away. "Listen, come with me," he says as he puts his hand on her arm and tries to yank her away. "Please don't hold my arm," she cries out in response, but it is not acknowledged. May is then forced into a corner by the man as they enter the station. The man then firmly grabs her waist and chest before kissing her on the head. "I'm not alone!" exclaims May at this point.


Instantaneously, anxiety floods the comments. "Get away from her" is written on a viewer's donation, and other viewers exhort May to flee. She battles her way free and cries out for assistance, at which point the man breaks off his pursuit. She responds, "Yes, I'm okay; thank you so much," when a male bystander asks if she is okay after noticing her.

Later, she stated that because the man was a foreigner, she wanted to assist him and wasn't expecting him to force himself on her. Continuing to express shock over the incident, her viewers urged others to "not help him" and asked those who reside in Hong Kong to report the offender.

Here's The Video:

Girl molested in Hong Kong metro while streaming

byu/EbenezerNdipnchot inHongKong

The Probe


Following the viral spread of the video, the Hong Kong police initiated an investigation into the incident, as reported by the South China Morning Post. Additionally, it has been reported that the Hong Kong police arrested the alleged perpetrator of the molestation on Tuesday. The apprehended individual is a 46-year-old man, and further details regarding the case are expected to be disclosed later in the day.

According to information from another Reddit page, the individual involved in the incident is believed to be from Himachal Pradesh, India. As of now, there is no official confirmation reported regarding this information.

Korean vloger harassed by Himachali Man in Hong Kong

byu/beardedpahadi inHimachalPradesh

Similar Case Reported Last Week

In another similar distressing incident that occurred just last week, a foreign tourist, claiming to be of Korean nationality, reported harassment in the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan. The Korean blogger, who was recording a video of herself while walking cheerfully along the city's blue streets, had an unsettling encounter.


A man began to follow her, and in a subsequent part of the video, he can be seen harassing the girl by exposing himself. After this shameful act, the Korean woman can be observed fleeing while shouting for help, with the man laughing in the background. Following the viral spread of the video, a case was filed, and local law enforcement swiftly apprehended the accused. Further investigations into the matter are currently ongoing.

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