A braveheart woman risked her life to save another woman from her attacker late on Saturday night in Kolkata. The 47-year-old Nilanjana Chatterjee was seriously injured after she rescued a 31-year-old woman from a sedan in a deserted street of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. The incident happened around 11:50 pm.

Nilanjana Chatterjee, a resident of the Anandpur area in south Kolkata, rushed to help a woman who was allegedly attacked in a car by its driver. Chatterjee was returning home with her husband, Deep Satpathy from a party. On hearing a woman crying for help from inside a sedan, they decided to help. The woman who was sitting beside the driver of the Honda City, tried to escape her attacker. Chatterjee and her husband tried to block the path of the Honda City. Chatterjee got down in order to rescue the woman, in the process she got injured.

The driver of the sedan, according to the assaulted woman, has been identified as Amitabh Basu. The woman has registered a complaint of molestation, said officers at the police station. The woman in her complaint, confessed that she got acquainted with Basu just a week ago and they agreed to go out on Saturday evening. The woman alleged that Basu attacked her. He reportedly tore her clothes, the HT reported.

The Anandapur police station arrested  Basu, on Sunday afternoon.

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“My wife’s shin bone broke”, the husband said.

Chatterjee’s husband, Deep Satpathy, said, “My wife got down and rushed towards the car. Its driver pushed the woman out of the car and tried to speed away. The car hit my wife and the driver drove over her leg. Her shin bone broke.”

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“We were exiting the complex. I was at the wheel of our hatchback. Suddenly, my wife asked me to stop. It was she who heard a woman cry for help. We realized it was coming from a car behind us. So, I steered our car at an angle and stopped in the middle of the road, blocking the sedan’s path. As soon as I braked, Nilanjana leapt out and ran towards the other car to check on the woman inside,” Satpathy told the Times of India.

“I frantically dialed the police emergency number. The police acted very promptly. A police team arrived at the spot and an ambulance too was rushed to take my wife to the hospital. She will undergo a surgery,” Satpathy added.

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