Meet Mugdali Tirki, a nurse in Soor village of Surguja district in Chhattisgarh who is nothing less than a guardian angel to the inhabitants. This 55-year-old woman has been serving as an auxiliary nurse in the village for over a decade now. She has won the hearts of the villagers by providing the health service and basic necessities to them, especially amidst the lockdown and the current crisis owing to the spread of novel coronavirus.

In an interview with ANI, Mugdali said that she visits the villagers twice a week. This is despite the fact that the village is located in a remote area and she has to cross terrains and deal with the threat of wild animals. She said that the trip is “little difficult” to cover alone and so sometimes she also asks the male workers to help her reach the village. But, she has always tried her best to do her duty. Sometimes, Mugdali visits them more often if they need her.

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Praising Mugdali’s selfless service, a local villager of Soor village told ANI, “She brings us whatever we need, without having to ask also.”

The villager said that Mugdali gets dalia and sooji for the kids. She also provides medical help whenever she gets to know that any of the villagers are sick. Mugdali brings medicines and even takes them to the hospital if the illness gets serious.

Among many other aids that Mugdali provides the villagers, one of the most important is her role as a midwife. She said, “I am also a midwife. I help the villagers deliver babies here.”

The pandemic and the lockdown that brought an uncertain pause in many people’s lives, Mugdali’s selfless service never stopped. “I have been serving the people here for a long time. And I have continued to come even during the lockdown,” she said.

SK Jha, the collector of Surguja district, also appreciated Tirki’s service. He told ANI that Soor village is located in one of the most inaccessible places of the district. “Health worker Mugdali braves through all these hardships and provides her service on time. Healthcare Department is proud of health workers like her,” he said.

Other women who wowed us through their selfless service:

Recently, 57-year-old Chhayarani Sahoo, a woman farmer in Odisha, distributed 50 quintals of vegetables in at least 15 villages to help the needy people amidst lockdown. The vegetables were those which she cultivated in her own land.

A 99-year-old woman in Mumbai made food packets for the migrant workers stuck in the city. A video of her wrapping rotis with sabzi in aluminium foil had gone viral and received a lot of praise.

An 80-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore, K Kamalthal has been selling idlis to the less privileged people for just one rupee per piece since 34-35 years. Known as ‘Idli Patti’ or ‘Paatima’ for her service, the samaritan continues to sell idlis for rupees one and helping the poor amidst the lockdown.

Sikh woman Sukhwinder Kaur came to the rescue of several victims of the Australian Bushfire last year. She cooked more than 1,000 meals per day for the victims whom she addressed as her own family. She worked from the wee hours till 11 pm to selflessly serve the families.

Picture Credit: ANI

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