With Kevin Spacey Replaced, 'House of Cards' Resumes Production

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When the announcement went rounds that House of Cards’ last season will be all about Robin Wright, the producers weren’t kidding. The production on the sixth and final season of Netflix's famous 'House of Cards' has resumed after Kevin Spacey's exit from the show.


The New York Times reports, Netflix will stream the new season with two new cast members -- Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear – who are joining the hit-series for its upcoming season.

Naturally, fans are left in irk mood as we all know Spacey's influence on the show. Much of the cast will remain same.

The makers haven’t given out details of their roles, but it is known the two will play siblings.

Probably Netflix’s one of the catchiest and controversial series of the year will be led by Wright and her onus to reign. She ended the last season with betrayal intention. The much talked about last look into the camera and declaring — “It’s my turn.”

The withdrawing of the character Frank Underwood on House of Cards came in the wake of Kevin Spacey coming out as gay after the sexual abuse allegations. This controversy caused the abrupt termination of the actor. Now we will see Robin Wright as Claire Underwood in the lead.

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Late last year, the series’ production had to be stopped after Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct. Several others, including Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexual exploitation.

Even the crew members of the House of Cards told CNN that Spacey created a “toxic” work environment through his alleged acts of sexual harassment and assault.

Spacey, however, later went on to say that he is “taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment”.

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