The Women Who Rule The House Of Cards

The fourth season of the critically acclaimed and hugely popular US political series House Of Cards was out this weekend. While the series has primarily been driven by the fiercely ambitious Francis Underwood played every so aptly by Kevin Spacey, this season- is all about the women. The female drives the force behind success, ambition, wit, grit and even greed. They really do rule- the House of Cards.

1. Claire Underwood – The First lady of The United States of America

Claire Underwood - The First lady of The United States of America

Claire Underwood

Wife of the chief character – the president of the USA, Claire Underwood is no newbie to the dark world of politics. And she knows her own strength better than anyone, even the president himself and how she is the reason for his presidency. While she has always been the more ambitious of the two, this season – she refuses to let herself be tied down. Shrewd but always poised, she is a classy lady who knows when to whip the opposition into shape and whip them right. Played by Robin Wright, this is one woman who is made of steel.

2. Catherine Durant – The Secretary Of State

Catherine Durant - House Of Cards

Catherine Durant

Always the first to step into times of trouble and the steady decision maker. Although her character is strong in foreign policy, she is witness to plenty of political mind games and keeps her cool, at all times. Portrayed on screen by Jayne Atkinson, she plays to her strong points and is a great ally to the party. She is loyal and trustworthy- but always looks out for herself, and is the epitome of brain and brawn.

3. LeAnn Harvey- The Campaign Manager

LeeAnn Harvey House of Cards

LeeAnn Harvey

You might think hers is a blink-and-miss role in the series, but the campaign manager is always pivotal to the plot. Played exceptionally by Neve Campbell, LeAnn Harvey is the President’s Re-Election Campaign’s manager. A woman who is not afraid to stand her ground with the big boys and get straight into the dirt, she is the behind -the-scenes force. Not afraid to turn down opportunities that aren’t worth her time, she is capable of convincing anyone to be on her side- even if its the wrong side altogether. Fantastic multi- tasker and has a great sales pitch!

4. Heather Dunbar – The Former Solicitor General and Presidential Race Candidate

Heather Dunbar House of Cards

Heather Dunbar

A former law woman herself, Heather Dunbar doesn’t back down from a fight. She is righteous with the law on her side, but can strong arm an opponent whenever its needed.  Well educated, poised and always ready with a witty retort, she is the ideal lawyer character. Played to the tee by Elizabeth Marvel, she encourages women to stand up for themselves and never wastes an opportunity to stand up for the people. We can learn a thing or two from her!

5. Jackie Sharp- House Majority Whip

 Jackie Sharp- House Majority Whip

Jackie Sharp

She is literally as sharp as you can get. Whipping the big boys into shape and not playing into ego- she is all work and no back talk. Politically sound , her job is to get the votes in place and help the members of her party. She isn’t a bull in a china shop- but a bull who can run you over at any time! Her character ( played by Molly Parker) is smart and definitely not stupid.