6 Kerala Students Arrested For Attacking Junior Over An Insta Post

The shocking arrests at MES Arts and Science College as six students face charges for alleged ragging and assault over an Instagram post.

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On Monday at the MES Arts and Science College in Chathamangalam, Kerala, six second-year male students were arrested late Tuesday night in connection with alleged ragging and physical assault on their junior counterparts. The accused students, identified as Mohd Sinan, Mohd Ajnaf, Nousheel Rahman, Mohd Anas, Mohd Shafeer, and Mohd Jasim, all aged between 20 and 22, now face charges ranging from rioting and unlawful assembly to causing harm using dangerous weapons and an attempt to murder.


The incident transpired when a group of second-year students forcibly entered a classroom, where they proceeded to physically assault several junior male students. One victim sustained serious injuries and is currently undergoing treatment at Kozhikode Medical College Hospital. The police initiated an investigation following the complaint lodged by the injured student, leading to the identification and subsequent arrest of the six accused.

“It’s a case of physical assault by several senior students of their juniors within the college. After we took the statement of the complainant, we identified six accused and arrested them last night. Today, they have been taken to be produced before the court,” said an officer at the Kunnamangalam police station where the FIR was registered.

Legal Ramifications

The accused students, in addition to facing criminal charges, have been suspended from the college. A committee has been formed by the college to probe the incident thoroughly. The charges, including an attempt to murder, underscore the severity of the assault, reflecting a  violation of both institutional norms and legal boundaries.

Provocation: Instagram Post

According to a student interviewed by a local TV channel, the assault was triggered by an Instagram post made by one of the junior students. The accused, dissatisfied with the content, demanded its deletion and even sent a threatening audio clip on WhatsApp. The photo in question was taken by one of the seniors from the college terrace, adding a layer of complexity to the motives behind the assault.


Institutional Response

The MES Arts and Science College's swift suspension of the accused students and the formation of a committee to investigate the incident demonstrate a commitment to addressing the matter transparently. However, questions regarding the college environment and the effectiveness of anti-ragging measures come to the forefront.

This unfortunate incident sheds light on the prevalence of ragging and bullying within educational institutions. As the investigation unfolds, it is imperative for institutions to re-evaluate their anti-ragging measures and foster an environment where students feel secure and protected.

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