Lone Male Student Faints After Finding Himself Among Girls: Why The Nervousness?

Male Student Faints
A 12th-grade student Manish Prasad fell unconscious in the examination hall after finding himself the only male among 500 girl students in Nalanda district, Bihar. The teenager confirmed that after seeing a large number of female students, he became nervous and collapsed on the floor.

As the story surfaced on social media many found it hilarious, and a source of good laughter. Although, few could relate to the situation and started sharing their experience that what it is to be in such a situation. It also raises bigger questions about how we perceive gender and why it’s difficult for the different gender to feel comfortable with each other.

Male Student Faints In Bihar- What Does It Tell Ss?

It seems petty to fall unconscious just over a hall full of girls. But this is relatable, there are so many times when the presence of one gender makes it uncomfortable for another gender. Why does this happen? Why there is a certain sense of awkwardness? Most of these answers lie in the social conditioning of the person. Given society’s rigid narratives of non-related male-female encounters, a person is constantly pressured to keep a distance from the opposite gender. There is an invisible gap emplaced out of stereotyping non-related male-female bonds and friendships.

People are yet not comfortable with the fact that a male and female can be friends and nothing more than that. If people see a random girl and boy talking it becomes the talk of the town, in a few cases where a conservative environment thrives, the first action is the confiscation of the girl’s phone. This constant moral policing doesn’t allow genders to have easy encounters. Everyone’s mind develops in a way that it starts thinking in the same direction. With a lack of opposite-gender encounters, boys like Manish Prasad or any girl fail to feel comfortable in presence of the other sex.

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Girls are often warned not to speak with men who aren’t related to them. It starts with parents and continues to the academic setting. Today, also many schools or other educational that are segregated on basis of gender. If not, the practices followed are not very inclusive. For instance- sitting arrangements are based on gender. These are the environments where seeds of nervousness are sown. The self-confidence to talk to a woman or be in their presence is low and becomes intimidating. In the first place- gender lacks the basics of how to behave with the opposite gender.

Society needs to stop this divide, and stop discouraging male-female friendships. It is time to look at the world beyond the binaries. With people being comfortable with each other irrespective of gender can bring the change in the mindset of society in the way they perceive the genders.