Activist Yana Mir Clash With Delhi Customs After 'Safe In India' Speech

At the Delhi airport, journalist Yana Mir's claim of encountering "rude" immigration officers has stirred controversy, backed by CCTV footage and official statements from the Delhi customs department.

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At Delhi Airport, journalist Yana Mir, known for her speech in the UK Parliament asserting her freedom and safety in India, found herself at the center of a controversy with Delhi customs. Mir alleged that immigration officers were "rude" to her during routine bag scanning. However, Delhi Customs, in response, asserted that the routine bag scanning of international passengers is not a matter of privilege but a legal requirement. 


CCTV Footage Reveals Discrepancies

Delhi Customs, in response to Mir's claims, took to X, formerly Twitter, to share CCTV footage contradicting the journalist's narrative. The footage, according to the customs department, shows Mir refusing to cooperate when asked to have her bags scanned. The post suggests that while other international passengers complied with routine scanning without issue, Mir exhibited resistance.

The customs department, countering Mir's accusations, emphasised that the staff remained courteous throughout the process, and Mir's luggage was eventually scanned by airline staff and customs officers.

Delhi Customs, in an official statement, expressed a strong exception to Mir's social media post, asserting that she felt "needlessly offended" despite the staff maintaining a professional demeanour, highlighting the routine nature of bag scanning for international passengers and the equal application of the law, and emphasizing that privileges are not above it.


The CCTV footage shared by Delhi Customs on X/Twitter aims to provide transparency and context to the incident, presenting a different narrative than the one portrayed by Mir on social media.

Mir's Response and Clarification

Yana Mir, however, countered the customs' narrative, asserting that she promptly approached the scanning machine upon request. In a post that has gained attention, she described the customs officials as "high-handed, arrogant, and entitled government employees" who refused to assist her in placing her heavy suitcase on the machine. Mir's post, now deleted, highlighted the alleged lack of cooperation from customs officials. She also reiterated her stance, stating that she does not seek special treatment but emphasizes the need for politeness and courtesy during security checks. Mir suggested that, even in cases of suspicion, security checks should be conducted discreetly in a closed area, avoiding public scrutiny.

Mir's Plea for Unbiased Reporting from Sankalp Divas

During a powerful address at the 'Sankalp Divas' event held by the UK Parliament, Kashmiri activist and journalist Yana Mir vehemently denounced Pakistan's ongoing propaganda campaign aimed at tarnishing India's global reputation. Mir, who considers Kashmir an integral part of India, expressed her sense of safety and freedom in her homeland, dismissing any comparison to Malala Yusufzai's harrowing experiences.

"I am not Malala Yusufzai, because I am free and safe in my country, India. In my homeland, Kashmir, which is part of India. I will never need to run and seek refuge in your country," Mir declared, challenging the distorted narratives perpetuated by certain sections of the international media.


Yana Mir, in no uncertain terms, distanced herself from the narrative portrayed by Malala Yusufzai, asserting her freedom and safety in her own country, India. Amidst accusations of oppression, Mir vehemently objected to the misrepresentation of her progressive homeland by toolkit members of social and international media who, she claims, fabricate stories without firsthand experience.

Mir also urged the international media community to halt the creation of divisions among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. During a compelling plea, she implored them to cease polarizing Indians on the grounds of religion and to refrain from fabricating stories of oppression from the comfort of their UK living rooms.

"We won't allow you to break us," Mir declared, emphasizing the resilience of the people in the face of external manipulation. Her impassioned plea reached beyond borders, challenging those who have never set foot in Indian Kashmir to reconsider their narrative and report responsibly.

Her articulate and compelling defense of the ground reality in Kashmir sent shockwaves through the online sphere, garnering admiration for her courage to speak truth to power.


Expressing her hope for an end to unwarranted selective outrage, Mir urged those in the UK and Pakistan to desist from maligning her country in international forums. With a powerful plea, she stressed, "Stop coming after us and let my Kashmiri community live in peace," resonating as a powerful call for unity and the cessation of external interference.

During the event, Yana Mir received the prestigious Diversity Ambassador Award for her tireless efforts in promoting diversity in the Jammu and Kashmir region.

Progress Since Article 370

Mir, in her address, highlighted the significant progress achieved in Jammu and Kashmir since the abrogation of Article 370. Improved security measures, government initiatives, and increased funding were underlined as indicators of positive change. Mir lauded the Indian Army for its de-radicalization programs and substantial investments in youth development, countering negative narratives that aimed to vilify the army.

The event commemorated the unanimous resolution passed by both Houses of the Indian Parliament on February 22, 1994, reaffirming India's firm stance that the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of Indian territory. The resolution also emphasized India's right to reclaim Mirpur-Muzaffarabad, Gilgit, and Baltistan, territories that fell victim to Pakistani aggression.

Attended by more than 100 participants, including members of the UK Parliament, local councillors, community leaders, and representatives from various organizations, the event provided a comprehensive overview of the socio-cultural and political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir. Notable guests, such as MPs Bob Blackman, Theresa Villiers, Elliot Colburn, and Virendra Sharma, added credibility and significance to the gathering.

The event was organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Study Centre UK, a think-tank committed to providing in-depth analysis and research on the region.

Yana Mir - The Woman Behind the Words

Yana Mir, beyond her parliamentary prowess, is a multifaceted personality. A social activist and journalist hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, she currently resides in Srinagar, a city steeped in history and resilience. Her journey as a journalist and activist has been marked by her commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and empowering communities. Her YouTube channel, boasting over 200,000 followers and a library of 165 videos, stands as a classic example to the potency of grassroots activism amplified through digital mediums.

Born in Kashmir's Anantnag, Yana Mir's roots run deep in the region, with her upbringing in a culturally rich environment instilling in her a deep sense of duty towards her homeland.  Her grandfather's service as a policeman perhaps sowed the seeds of courage that she would later manifest on the international stage. After completing her education in Delhi and Mumbai, Yana returned to her roots in Kashmir with a newfound sense of purpose. Armed with a camera and a microphone, she set out to tell the stories of her people—stories that often went unheard amidst the clamour of mainstream media.

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