Women Complete Bomb Disposal Unit Training in Pakistan

Women Complete Bomb Disposal Unit Training in Pakistan

This news will change the attitude of those of you who think Pakistani women stay behind closed doors only. Eleven women among 24 recruits who joined as police commandos in Pakistan have successfully completed their bomb disposal training at the Police School of Explosive Handling in Nowshera district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, according to a Pakistan daily.

Quoting School Director Niaz Muhammad Yousafzai by the News International, “1,607 cops, including 12 females, had been trained at the school so far.”

Yousafzai added, “Three sisters — Parveen Gul, Rukhsana and Samina — were among 11 women who completed their training yesterday (on Tuesday). The other female officers who completed the training were from Nowshera, Abbottabad, Hangu, Charsadda, Mardan, Buner and Bannu.”

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The elite force now has 11 female commandos who underwent months of training at the school.

One of the commandos, Parveen Gul, said, “We come from a humble background. My father (Nooran Shah) had been physically challenged since birth.” Parveen is the eldest amongst the three sisters who have joined the force.

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After their passing out parade, when the three sisters were asked about their training and what else they do, Parveen said, “I got attracted to the police force when I saw cops in mobile vans in Karak (her village). I didn’t know that one day I will become part of the force.”

The women not only get trained in bomb disposal exercise but are also getting coached in light and heavy weaponry.

Parveen’s younger sister, Samina, didn’t make it to the force in her first attempt. She and another sister, Rukhsana, were selected later at Hangu.

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Last year, 29-year-old Rafia Qaseem Baig became the first Pakistani female to join the bomb disposal unit after completing her 15-day training with a 31-male-members’ troupe in December.

Today, the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police department has more than 600 women serving in different positions.

We acknowledge this as a milestone as the country has strict rules towards women and where gender discrimination is rampant.

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This great initiative will surely go a long way in changing the patriarchal mindset.

Feature Image Credit: The News International

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