Kangana Ranaut Opposes Shashi Tharoor And Kamal Haasan's Idea To Pay Homemakers, Compares Them To God Who Doesn't Need To Be Paid

Kangana Ranaut said that housemakers are “queens” of their own kingdom and they don’t need people to put a price tag on their love. 

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Kangana Ranaut on homemakers

Actor Kangana Ranaut opposed Shashi Tharoor’s opinion on paying the housemakers. This was followed by Ranaut’s opposing argument on actor-turned-politician Kamal Hasaan idea to recognise housemakers as salaried people. 

Shashi Tharoor in his tweet supported Kamal Haasan’s idea and wrote, “ I welcome @ikamalhaasan’s idea of recognising housework as a salaried profession, w/the state govt paying a monthly wage to homemakers.”


“ This will recognise & monetise the services of women homemakers in society, enhance their power& autonomy & create near-universal basic income,” he added. 

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Kangana Ranaut expressed her opposing opinion while speaking on behalf of housemakers. She said that housemakers are “queens” of their own kingdom and they don’t need people to put a price tag on their love. 


She said, “ Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary.”

She further compared housemakers to gods who need don’t people to pay them for their work. She hinted that it is done because Shashi Tharoor and Kamal Haasan are feeling for housemakers. When a user implied that working men are given more value than women and that homemakers are financially dependent on their husbands, she said, “It will be worse to reduce a homeowner to home employ, to give price tag to mothers sacrifices and life long unwavering commitment.” 

Refuting the idea she added, “It’s partially painful and partially funny thought.”

Kamal Haasan had claimed that if his party comes to power, he will ensure that the work done by homemakers gets recognised as paid work.

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