Assam Government Gives Rs.100 Per Day To Girls, Says More Students Should Attend Faculty

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The Assam government has decided to give Rs. 100 per day for girls going to school and college. The state’s Education Minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma made this announcement at Sivsagar.

The education minister says the payment is meant to be an incentive for attending their classes. Additionally, Sarma also mentioned that every graduate student will receive a one time amount of Rs. 1500 whereas university students will get an amount of Rs 2,000 which will be given to them by the state government through a bank account for the purchase of books.

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Sarma said, “At first, we planned to infuse this step last year itself but could not really implement it because of the spread of Covid-19 and the strict pandemic restrictions. We want more students to attend faculty and educate themselves and so we have planned to initiate this step in both schools and colleges.”

“We want boys and girls to enjoy the same kind of care. Many parents marry off their daughters early, thinking that their sons would take care of them. This mindset needs to change,” Sarma added.

Sarma had also declared that the federal government would offer scooters to 5,000 women who ranked their class XII within the first division in 2018 whereas 10,000 women who achieved the ground in 2019.

The federal government has estimated a budget of Rs 144.30 crore and it plans on purchasing motorbikes for 22,245 women who handed the 2020 Class XII board examination within the first division.

Altogether, 948 lady college students acquired scooters in Sivasagar but 15,000 more will get scooters by February, said Sarma.

All of these are being called election centric measures.