Trudeau Meets Kochhar, Discuss Gender Parity & Boosting Investment

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached India on Saturday evening (17th February) and the social media is abuzz with his ongoing trip. Pictures of Trudeau with wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and three kids are going viral.

On his seven-day visit to India, the spotlight is on infrastructure growth and counter-terrorism.

PM Trudeau, who is known for his feminist opinion, met ICICI banks CEO Chanda Kochhar in Mumbai on Tuesday. At the India-Canada Business Forum, they discussed on boosting investment.

Here are the key takeaways from the chat:

Trudeau Talks Equality

To begin his address, Trudeau straight away started talking about equality. “I spent the last hour and a half speaking with women business leaders…They were sharing their stories. We talked about the gender gap. It was an important moment to recognise that there is a lot to be done for general equality.”

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Talking about Canada in relation to gender parity, he added, “Canada has a law on gender parity and a lot of opportunities for women in business. We have a lot of wage parity difference between men and women and we’ve lots to do there.”There should be more business leaders who should involve more women. It’s not just a nice thing to do but a smart thing to do,” he claimed.


A Conversation with Chanda Kochhar 

Chanda Kochhar hosted Trudeau at the India-Canada business forum in Mumbai. When asked to comment on India’s “reforms to transform,” Trudeau said, “There’s a tremendous connection between India and Canada across various sectors. We spoke about Canadian companies investing in India.”

“It was a win-win day for all of us. I’m excited about the opportunities in the India-Canada friendship. There are not just business but cultural and people-to-people ties that are important,” he added affirming excitement about India-Canada friendship.

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Connecting People

While talking about trade opportunities between the two nations, Trudeau pointed out how important it is for him to establish the connection between people. “I think people-to-people interaction is more important. We have 125 thousand Indian students In Canada. If we focus on people to people connections, then those kinds of synergies are more important for me,” the Canadian prime minister said.

On Promoting Diversity

When Kochhar asked his opinion on the diversity in  this country, he said he wants to share the beautiful diversity of India in his country to. “I wanted to highlight the extraordinary diversity in India to my kids. One of the things that I really wanted to show to my kids is the extraordinary diversity of India, being able to go to a mandir, to the Golden Temple, to a mosque and then to other places, this highlights the diversity and pluralism of India, which isn’t without its challenges,” he helmed.

“It has an important impact on society, but it isn’t without its challenges,” he reiterated. “India should be leading the way on diversity and living harmoniously,” Trudeau said.

On Artificial Intelligence

“There are threats in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) and the global supply chain. But we want more young people to take advantage of our universities,” Trudeau said in relation to his discussion on immigration. “We are leading in the fields of AI, automation and self-driving cars. We have decided that we want to be part of the future and I see similar implementation in India, which is exciting,” he added.

Recalling Old Times

Trudeau also recalled his earlier experience in India 35 years ago. “Seeing the Taj Mahal through the eyes of my kids was very interesting. You see the potential here, you see the activity going on here…There’s an important evolution going on here,” he explained how beautifully the nation have changed.

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