Australian Canoeist Jessica Fox Credits A Condom For Clinching Olympic Bronze

Jessica Fox Credits Condom
Jessica Fox Credits Condom: Have you always thought that the sole purpose of condom was to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases? You need to think again. These contraceptives are actually multi-purpose. For instance, Australian slalom canoeist Jessica Fox credited a condom for her recent victory in Tokyo Olympics 2020. She has recently won won a bronze and a gold medal. She was shot fixing her kayak using a condom.

“Bet you never knew condoms could be used for kayak repairs,” the 27-year-old captioned the video. It has now gone viral since people are finding it amusing. It is being shared massively on Twitter and Instagram also.

In the clip, a person is first seen applying a carbon mixture to the front of the vessel and then the condom is used to secure that mixture. “It gives the carbon a smooth finish,” Ms Fox wrote further.

One would wonder how she could easily find a condom at the venue. Well, Tokyo organisers planned to hand out 60,000 condoms, but encouraged athletes to use them at home, rather than the Village as it believes that the condoms that have been distributed are not meant to be used there. Instead, athletes must bring them back to their home-countries and sensitize the masses about HIV and AIDS.

As per the guidelines issued in February, the athletes to maintain a distance of two metres from each other. They have also been asked to avoid physical contact from their fellow athletes. This includes handshakes and hugging. The athletes can leave the village only under special circumstances, as per a report.

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