Iranian Women Attend FIFA Public Screening at Azadi Stadium

Iranian Women Attend FIFA Public Screening

Iranian women were allowed to enter Tehran’s largest stadium to watch a live screening of Iran’s FIFA 2018 World Cup clash with Spain. On Wednesday morning, Tehran’s provincial council permitted women to attend the screening after Iran won its first World Cup match since 1998 last week. For 38 years, women have been banned from watching men’s sporting events in Iran.  However, for the first time in all these years on 20, June, Iranian women entered into Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.

Since the 1979 Islamic revolution, Iranian women have been banned from attending soccer matches and other male sporting events.

The Twitter handle of Iran’s national team also shared an image:

A partial exception to the ban was made in June 2015. However, only a small number of women were allowed at that time to watch a volleyball match in Tehran.

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The female supporters faced difficulties as the authorities were initially trying to block the event from taking place. Many fans turned up at the stadium. A lot of people posted photos and videos on Twitter. Both female and male soccer fans protested against the row of police blocking the entrance to the stadium. Hours later, the police gave way.

Iranian women have been fighting for their rights to enter sports stadiums for years. However, the issue became the subject of heated debate this year.

The move is amidst the pressure from Iranian women who used the World Cup to protest against the ban. During  Iran’s World Cup opening match against Morocco, banners were waved with slogans “Support Iranian Women to Attend Stadiums” and “Let Iranian Women Enter Their Stadiums”.

Iranian women also travelled to the World Cup in Russia to see their team take on Spain at the Kazan Arena.

It’s a historic moment for Iran. However, it is still to be seen whether the move is a permanent one or not and whether women will be allowed to enter stadiums to watch other sporting events.

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