Iran Football Team Refuses To Sing National Anthem At Qatar

Iran uprising, Iran team refuses singing national anthem
Iran has been in the news lately for the killing of a citizen in police custody and the country-wide outrage that followed it. As a sign of protest, the Iran national team at the FIFA World Cup 2022, refused to sing along to their national anthem in their opening match.

Iran saw one of the most significant and loud anti-regime protests after a long time. The women refused to wear hijabs and when the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini’s death came to the surface, they went to the streets to voice their rights and protest against the brutality of the governing regime.

Iran Team Refuses Singing National Anthem At FIFA World Cup

On the day of the opening match for Iran at the FIFA World Cup 2022, something very unusual was captured happening when before the match the national anthem of the individual teams was played at the stadium. On Iran’s turn, the anthem played in the background but when the camera showed close-up shots of the players standing on the ground, they were not singing the anthem themselves but their mouths were shut.

This gesture took the world by surprise as standing up to their own country’s regime this way on the world stage needs courage. The reports say that this was not the first time that the team decided to do so but captain Alireza Jahanbaksh and his team refused to sign the national anthem at the friendly match against Nicaragua in Tehran. Ahead of the match at Qatar, the Iran fans were seen wearing T-shirts that said, ‘Women, life, freedom’ which is the chant of the anti-regime protesters in the country.

The situation in Iran is ‘critical‘ according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights who is concerned over the 300 deaths including 40 children that have occurred due to protests in the last few months. Right from the incident of the death of Mahsa Amini followed by women chopping their hair, thousands of Iranians on the roads asked for the right to choose what they can wear while women burnt their hijabs. Many representatives of the protesters have tried to bring up the gravity of the situation for the world to understand.

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