Video: Venezuelan Footballer Gets Emotional On Seeing Grandma In Stands

Footballer Breaks Down On Seeing Grandma
There is no love like that of grandparents, and when you meet them after a gap of years there’s nothing like an overflow of emotions there. Recently, a similar incident happened when a professional Venezuelan football player was visited by his grandmother on a surprise visit during one of his matches. In a heartwarming video, now gone viral, the footballer can be seen breaking down after seeing his grandma in the stands by the field.

The Venezuelan footballer, who had not seen his grandmother for four years, was moved to tears when he spotted her in the stands during his football match.

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Footballer breaks down on seeing grandma

A beautiful video is currently doing the rounds on the internet and it is moving to say the least. The video will remind you of the selfless love showered by the oldest generation in your family and how the precious bond between grandparents and grandchildren is unmatched.

Recently, a professional football player from Venezuela who plays for Portugal was going about his regular day on the field for one of his matches when he was caught by a pleasant surprise. The footballer, who walked midfield towards the corner of the field near the stand to greet his fans suddenly spotted his grandmother standing close by. He immediately burst into tears and was taken aback by the surprise as he had not seen her for four years. He broke down and sat on the field while his teammates ran towards him to console him.

The one-minute video clip is full of feelings as it shows the footballer, who plays a goalkeeper, getting up from the ground and finally meeting his grandmother whom he missed so much. Expressing his love for her, he hugs her on the ground and informs all his teammates. The onlookers cheer and lap for the grandma-grandson duo and we can see how the entire team gets emotional looking at them.

The video which has millions of views is highly appreciated by social media users as they all relate to the footballer’s feelings and express their love for their grandparents. A social media user commented how it’s okay for men to cry and it’s only beautiful to express one’s emotions. “Beautiful. To all those beautiful men out there: real men do cry,” the user wrote. Another wrote how life is an amalgamation of these beautiful small moments. “I love this! This is what life is all about,” she wrote.