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Parisa Pourtaherian from Iran has become the first ever female photographer to cover a football match of boys. As per the ban imposed in Iran, no journalist, reporter, videographer or  photographer is allowed to cover any sports being played by the opposite sex.


Football match captured from a distance

Parisa Pourtaherian has set an example of a dedicated and smart journalist. She climbed over to a building nearby where camera shots of Vatani Stadium in Qaemshahr were easily accessible. She presented the world with pictures of the first half of the match from a distance. So, without technically breaking the norm of entering the stadium, she did complete justice to her job of being a journalist.

World is all praises for her!

The entire world is congratulating Parisa for smartly completing a daring task. Ali Noorani, a radio announcer, wrote this about her to bring the lady to the limelight

Several other personalities from the same profession also praised Parisa for the same. Kian Sharifi, who is a journalist from Iran associated with FinTribune, expressed over social media how the ban couldn’t deter Parisa. He further wrote how good women can’t be kept down.

Who is Parisa Pourtaherian?

A passionate photographer, Parisa has proved herself true to her profession by going the extra mile to cover a boys’ football match, which was next to impossible for a woman in Iran.

She has studied Industrial Design in graduation and is the alumni of University of Tehran.

Her Specialisations and Work Experience

Parisa has specialised in photo journalism. She has been associated with FCkia Academy and I.R Iran Volleyball Federation as a photographer. She is famous for using massive telephoto lenses for sports photography.


More power to you girl!

Picture Credit: Instagram

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