Photography with a twist: Meet some of the best women photographers in India

Meet some of the best professional women photographers in India.

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 Photography with a twist: Meet some of the best women photographers in India

Anna Atkins, the first known woman photographer picked up the camera in 1841; an unusual feat for that age. Unfortunately, women photographers are still a minority today, especially in India. However, some exceptionally gifted women have been doing distinctive work in photography in the Indian subcontinent. Let’s take a look at some of these women.




Being a wildlife photographer is not easy. One needs to stay out, deep in the forests, to capture the wild. Radhika Ramaswamy, who got into wildlife photography without any formal training in the field, and Vasudha Chakravaty, who dumped her job with an international bank; have one thing in common-  their love for wildlife.


In an interview, Delhi-based Ramaswamy, said, “I don’t think as a woman I find any difficulties; wildlife photography is a tough job, there will be lots of practical constraints. But if you have a will, then definitely you can overcome them. Camera and animals are not gender biased!”



Radhika Ramaswamy: Lion on the tree 14_Lion-On the tree by Radhika Ramaswamy

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Wedding is considered to be the most eventful day of an individual’s life and photographs immortalize that special day.  Even though most Indian wedding photographers are male, there are a few women in the field, who have a unique approach towards their work. Rakhee Yadav is one of them. Being a graphic designer for two decades did not give Rakhee what she was looking for. Today she takes candid wedding photographs in a documentary style format.


About her working style she says, "The real wedding is just a small part of the whole event. I like it when nobody is looking directly at the camera, otherwise it looks posed and I do not like to put a mask on a photograph. I like to shoot wedding pictures like I'm shooting a reality show!"

Rakhee Yadav Wedding Photography Indian Women Photographer: Rakhee Yadav.

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Documentary photography involves covering historical and everyday events. One of the most well known documentary photographers in India, Dayanita Singh, is a ‘bookmaker working with photography.’ She is the first Indian to have had a solo show at London’s Hayward Gallery. Ketaki Sheth is another documentary photographer. Born in Mumbai, Sheth through her work tries to capture people in their most natural surroundings. Her most celebrated work has been with the Sidis, an Indian community living in Gujarat that descends from Africans.

Sidi community of India by  Ketaki Sheth Sidi community of India by Ketaki Sheth

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