Young Influencer And YouTuber Shreya Muralidhar Dies Of Cardiac Arrest: Report

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Shreya Muralidhar, a social media influencer famous for her YouTube videos, reportedly died of a cardiac arrest this week. She was in her 20s and had thousands of fans across her channels. She hailed from Hyderabad and had credits to her name as an anchor and actor as well.

Muralidhar was best known for her appearances in the Telugu reality show Pelli Choopulu and the second season of the series Beauty and the Boss.

Condolences are pouring in for the young star, whose death has left her fan community in shock. On social media, netizens are expressing grief over the loss, raising concerns over health issues the youth is facing earlier than usual for their age.

Similar anxieties had arisen when television actor Sidharth Shukla died at 40 of a cardiac arrest this year in September; read here.

Young people and cardiac arrests: What medical experts say 

Cardiac arrests and other heart issues have generally been understood to be prevalent with higher frequency in the older population. Medical experts have, however, brought attention to changing trends with increased stress, speed and urban lifestyles impacting heart health in young people. Diet and fitness play important factors too.

Regular and timely health checkups are recommended across ages to spot medical issues at the earliest for due treatment. Doctors also advise having knowledge of one’s family history to keep track of health issues being passed down through generations.

Shreya Muralidhar: Tributes Pour In For The YouTuber

“Sprinkling kindness everywhere I go,” she wrote in her bio on Instagram, where she had over 15,000 followers. She made her last post on the platform a week ago. She was also a popular figure on the homegrown short video content app Moj.

“Rest in peace akka,” one user commented on Muralidhar’s Instagram posts. “RIP 💔 Still can’t believe you are no more..” another said. “Omg just cannot believe this 💔💔 May your soul rest in Peace..” one fan wrote. “Never expected this will be her last video.. rip,” one comment read.

Muralidhar is one of many social media influencers whose untimely demises have shocked the internet. 23-year-old Mexican fitness influencer Odalis Santos Mena died in July this year following a cardiac arrest, as per reports. Her death was allegedly the result of a surgery gone wrong, wherein she died mid-operation.

More recently, a young Chinese influencer who was travelling through Tibet in August reportedly met her end when she lost control of her vehicle; read more here.

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