Young Chinese Influencer Henan Meimei Dies During Livestream: Report

who is Henan Meimei
Who is Henan Meimei: A young social media influencer from China, known popularly on the internet as Henan Meimei, has reportedly died while travelling in Tibet. As per reports this week, she suffered a tragic accident after losing control of the trailer vehicle she was pulling.

The blogger, famous on Chinese platform Douyin, was on a solo trip through Tibet since May this year.

Meimei, at the time of the accident, was livestreaming her travel, showing viewers the scenery around the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, according to Singaporean publication The IndependentVisuals from her last online broadcast reportedly show her on the national highway in her pink trailer before she exclaims, on camera, that she is “in trouble.”

Reports suggest her screen shook, she screamed and soon after, the stream went blank. Meimei’s 25000-strong following is left in shock over her unfortunate demise.

All To Know About Who Is Henan Meimei: Social Media Celeb’s Death Shocks Fans

The accident reportedly occurred in the early hours of August 21 when Meimei pulled her solar-powered vehicle along highway number 109. Police, talking to local media, said the trailer ran over her and her lifeless body was discovered from under it.

Photos of Meimei’s trailer are doing rounds on social media. Certain reports claim she had set off from home with two dogs, whose current status is unknown.

Hers is one in a long line of recent vlogger deaths that occurred due to accidents. Earlier this week, reports surfaced of Turkish TikToker Kubra Dogan who, at only 23, died after falling off a roof from where she was shooting sunset videos. Last month, Hong Kong influencer Sophia Cheung suffered a similar fate while taking a deep fall while clicking selfies on a hiking trip. Same for Chinese influencer Xiao Qiumei, who slipped off a crane mid-livestream.

Image: AsiaOne

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