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Mexican Instagram Influencer Odalis Santos Mena’s Death Sends Shockwaves

who is Odalis Santos Mena death reason

Who is Odalis Santos Mena? Social media star and bodybuilding influencer Odalis Santos Mena died a tragic death earlier this month, leaving an entire fan community in grief. Popular for her intense fitness regimes and muscular physique, the 23-year-old had well over 140,000 followers on Instagram.

As per reports, Mena died on July 7 following a surgery gone wrong. She had reportedly undergone a procedure to remove her sweat glands but during operation, suffered a cardiac arrest. Medical staff were not able to revive her. An investigation in the case is on.

The Mexican influencer was reportedly promoting an anti-sweat technology by a brand named MiraDry for which she went for surgery at a clinic in Guadalajara.

July this year has seen a string of influencer deaths besides Mena, including those of TikTokers Caitlyn Loane and Swavy and Instagram hiking star Sophia Cheung.

All You Should Know About Who Is Odalis Santos Mena

Known as the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian‘ for her physical frame, Mena was a star at fitness competitions, recently having won titles at Miss Hercules and Wellness Fitness Juvenile contests.

Her fellow fitness enthusiast and boyfriend Victor Gomez Carreno reportedly posted a tribute to her on his private Instagram profile, writing, “Your actions in life, echo in eternity… I love you.”

According to The Suna non-professional allegedly administered anesthesia to Mena. The clinic staff tried to resuscitate her via CPR after she suffered a cardiac arrest, but Mena died.

There are also reports that a combination of the anesthesia and a steroid medication Mena was taking caused her death. Doctors operating on her alleged they were not informed of the substances in her body. 

Skinpiel Clinic, where Mena had gone for surgery, reportedly released a statement saying, “Odalis was not treated because when the anesthesia was applied, she had an immediate respiratory arrest” and then paramedics tried to treat her. Saying “steroids, anabolics, and clenbuterol” end up altering metabolism, “everything seems to indicate that the anesthesia was reacted by the substances present in Odalis’s body.”