Supermodel Iman Remembers David Bowie As Her True Love, Declares She Will Never Remarry

Iman was married to the late singer for more than 20 years. 

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Iman David Bowie will never remarry

Model Iman has declared that she will marry again as her late husband David Bowie was the only man for her. Iman was married to the singer for more than 20 years. Reports say she will not marry again.


The two tied the knot in 1992 after two years of courtship and were together till 2016 when David Bowie lost his battle to liver cancer. While talking about their relationship, Iman called it a regular marriage and reflected on their 'beautiful and ordinary life' together. She remembered about how David Bowie and she would go to pick up their daughter from school and said, " You know I wish we had had more years."

Talking about how the late singer upcoming 74th birth anniversary, Iman said, " David is in our hearts and mind on a daily basis for all of us." She added that his fans are still around and his music still relevant. She also mentioned an incident of the day when David Bowie died, she recalled that a bluebird flew in front of her. " A bluebird above all things!"

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Iman has recently shifted from New York to the countryside where she enjoys painting and hiking. She said that David Bowie was a painter and her daughter is also a painter so she decided to take up painting.

The 65-year-old supermodel in her career in the show business has been an actor, a reality show host and an entrepreneur. As she recently graced the cover of a leading fashion magazine, she said that ageing is a privilege and she is not scared of it. She also talked about how she had to ask for equal pay and she never worked for anything less during her modelling career.

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