Dua Lipa Slams Cancel Culture, Calls It ‘Toxic and Dangerous’

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English singer, songwriter and model Dua Lipa opened up about dealing with cancel culture. The popular singer told that it messed up with her mental health for a period of time. She hit out at the culture of virtual cancelling and shaming, calling it ‘toxic and dangerous’.

In an interview with British gay lifestyle magazine Attitude, she talked about the perilous impact of call-out or cancel culture on the afflicted person. Gracing the cover of the December issue of the magazine out now, she spoke at length about her struggle with the toxicity. She said she was so affected by the coordinated online shaming that it heightened her consciousness in a negative way. There came a time when she thought people were only filming her on stage to laugh at her.

Dua Lipa said, “I think there is so much judgement and meanness… cancel culture is so dangerous and toxic. Being funny is the greatest currency, even if it’s at the expense of somebody else.”She also said that it “messed up” her mental health.

“There should be a communal understanding that people make mistakes, and we should learn from each other’s mistakes and we should try to teach each other.” she further added.

Trolling and online bullying

In the interview, she also talked about how some users brutally troll and shame others and end up ruining their mental health just for mere likes and retweets on social media. She said that being funny and getting likes and retweets seems to be more important than actually caring about who is going to be on the other side of it and how they feel.  ” Most of the people don’t think of the consequences of such means comments,” she added.

Furthermore, she also recalled how she was bullied at the beginning of her career in 2017. The trolls and bullies gave her anxiety and made her question her worth and calibre.

When Dua Lipa was ‘cancelled’ this year

Earlier this year, Dua Lipa was targeted by Twitterati’s hungry ‘cancellers’ and trolls. The hashtag #DuaLipaIsOverParty was trending on Twitter after 2020 Grammy Awards, as the pop-star attended singer Lizzo’s Grammys after-party, which was held at a strip club. She was filmed making it rain on the dancers, which led to many users accusing her of being ‘anti-feminist’.

However, there were many other users who supported her and explained that she didn’t do any anti-feminist deed by going to a strip club, as male celebrities are often spotted going to strip clubs.

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