Women-Led Companies Are Changing The Travel Industry

Rachna Chandira
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Women-led travel companies

Earlier people used to travel in search of better jobs, food or to flee from enemies. Today, travelling is a need in itself. As more and more complexities increase in our lives, travelling seems the only way to phase out from it, to understand oneself. There are numerous travel groups and companies which help you plan out your trip, accommodation, food and the chance to meet like-minded people. Here are five travel companies that are led by independent, strong women in our country:


Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company

The company is owned by the most experienced female guide of Ladakh, Thinlas Chorol. Thinlas started going on treks from the age of five.

Seeing first-hand the patriarchal politics in travel companies, Thinlas decided to start her own travel firm in 2009. Her Ladakhi Women’s Travel Company focuses on treks conducted by female guides, promotion of homestays and eco-friendly treks. By organizing homestay treks, the firm not only offers us the local flavour, but also empowers the local women. Their most famous trek is the Rumbak trek in winter where there is a chance of seeing the snow leopard!

Wonderful World

Their tagline reads “All women holiday where ‘me-time’ matters”. The company was started in 2013 by Shibani Vig. All trips of the company are listed with detailed itineraries to help a person choose what they want. The trips are offered around the world, the famous ones being - Myanmar, Greece and Arunachal Pradesh. Wonderful World tries to give the travellers a ‘holiday’ experience rather than a guided tour and the compact size of the group on a trip makes it more enriching.

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Soul Purpose Travels

The company was started by two friends -- Vidya Deshpande and Mimi. They curate adrenaline-induced trips across India, including trips to Rann of Kutch, Khajuraho and Banaras. Their trips have a local touch to them as they combine a festival or a famous event of that place. The adventurous and fun trips organized by Soul Purpose Travels generally cater to the age group of 30-50 years. A group led trip gives women a sense of safety and helps them connect with new people.  


F5 is the refresh button on a keyboard. Malini Gowrishankar, the founder of F5Escapes, gives travellers the same refreshing sense through her tours. She wants to revolutionise the travel industry by breaking stereotypes attached to women and travel. This Bangalore-based company offers us tours ranging from one to ten days' duration and also caters to family outings. They cover almost all of India, with tours to Hampi, Madurai, Meghalaya, and more. Their recent #JustGo initiative is the first travel talk series online.

The Wander Girls

Hetal Doshi, the founder of Wander Girls, offers travellers with all women trips to places in India and abroad. Their trips are a mix of scenic views, history, culture and shopping! The trips are well researched and are conducted at a comfortable pace. They offer a platform for women solo travellers to bond and explore new places in a unique way.They have a distinct room share arrangement’ where they keep in mind the travellers interests and dislikes to offer a peaceful travel experience.


These travel companies are revolutionizing the travel industry and promoting more women to travel and discover the world like never before. So don't hesitate before taking up a solo trip with these travel groups that keep in mind your safety and assure a beautiful travel experience.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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