Hey K-Pop Fans, Here Comes T-Pop

"We have high expectations. We want to introduce...T-Pop music to the world".

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Hey K-Pop Fans, Here Comes T-Pop

T-Pop stands for Thai-Pop. Some of the top bands include Nine by Nine, August Band, Evo Nine and so on. Just like the majority of the entertainment industry, the T-Pop culture is also dominated by males. Almost all the Thai singer groups we come across are all boys teams. However, amidst this dominance, we have Lyra, an all girls T-Pop band rising to fame. The concept of a band with all female members is not new but at the same time, it's not very common. Hence, we are all here to hail Lyra and wish them luck for their upcoming projects.


Thai female band Lyra is all set to match the fame of their South Korean counterparts. They are backed by the world's biggest music label Universal Music Group (UMG). Just as K-Pop has turned into an international phenomenon, the T-Pop artistes are aiming for the same. They have a devoted fanbase and all they want is to introduce their music to the world.

What the members have to say

According to reports, the 20-year old Jennis Oprasert, a member of the Lyra band said, "We have high expectations. We want to introduce...T-Pop music to the world". The six-member group was launched last year. Around 80 girls and women were auditioned from BNK48, a popular idol group. Having partnered with Independent Artist Management (iAM), UMG decided to bring these incredible women before the world.

Paul Sirisant, the head of UMG in Thailand told Reuters said, "It's a bet". He firmly believes that the band's success will stem from its originality. The team underwent a virtual training over Zoom. The members then shifted to a house in order to live together once their plans to visit Los Angeles were cut down because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

18 year old Natticha 'Fond' Chantaravareelekha said, as per the report, "Its not an easy ride at all". She then continued saying, "The dancing, the music genre is different. I've never done it before, but even though it's hard, I've loved (doing) it since I was a kid, so I'm ready."

Just two months since its release, their debut single crossed 6.5 millions views on YouTube. That's a great start, I must say. In the words of Punsikorn 'Pun' Toyakorn,20, who happens to have come up with the group's name, "We incorporated Thai elements by including sounds from two traditional instruments."


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They have got supportive fans all over the world

23- year- old Danaiphat Singto, a fan, said to News 18 World, "I will support them till the end. I really want them to reach global audiences." These words came automatically to him as he watched one of the videos of the band's performance.

Attention from Around the World

Thai musicians are gradually gaining attention from audiences and investors all over the world. The band is a part of this very wave. Jannie Weigel, the Thai-German singer was the first artiste to sign with RedRecords. It was a venture between UMG and AirAsia.

"We plan to have more brands with Universal," said Nataphol Pavaravadhana, chief operating officer at iAM. "It will be different from Lyra for sure. Maybe indie. Stay tuned."

Dipanwita is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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