K-Pop Scandal: A New Report On ‘Dark Side’, Female Assault, Spycams Shocks Fans

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Buzzfeed journo Aria Inthavong’s latest coverage of K-pop stars and the entertainment industry has triggered a war between fans and the journalist. Inthavong covers the “Burning Sun” scandal and in a new video out Dec 12, talks about The Sickening K-Pop Spycam Sex Ring.

The video is a build up on past incidents with a further investigation. The sexualisation of K-pop and the way many stars talk about and treat women is not new. In 2019 many incidents occurred, together called Burning Sun scandal or Burning Sun gate which involved several of K-Pop’s biggest stars “using spycams to record themselves assaulting unconscious women.” 

As per Inthavong’s report the “spycam issue is not new” and has been around since the 90s. In some cases the ‘live streams’ of such incidents is ‘sold’ to customers ‘to watch’. Here’s an excerpt from Inthavong’s conversation with a source.

“Thats actually a pretty big sub genre of porn in Korea. It’s pretty nasty to think about but it’s been like that for a while.”

Journalist: Why is that?

“I do know that Japan, I don’t think they have a, like a, huge like a spy cam issue but if you are an anime or manga person, they’ll like occasionally have a gag, where, like, a male character will peep into women’s bathhouses to spy on women naked or something. And this sort of situation is always played for a laugh. They will be like ha ha, boys will be boys.”

The source further adds, that among countries, Korea is behind on gender relations. Inthavong’s report notes:

Because of this growing issue, many women have begun sealing tiny holes in the walls and door hinges of public restrooms in order to block visibility from any potentially hidden cameras.

This video and its revelations, has sent shockwaves in the female fan community and fans in general of K-pop.

This is a developing story. Below is the full video