5 Girls Tell Us Why The K-Pop Sensation BTS Are Their Boys With Love

The band has won the most number of Daesangs. Their other most famous awards include  Album of the Year, Worldwide Icon of the Year, Song of the Year and  Artist of the Year.

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The South Korean pop group BTS recently won leading four awards including best song for "Dynamite" and best group at the MTV Europe MUSIC Awards.


From debuting in 2013 to releasing their famous album Love Yourself in 2017, the boy band has come a long way.  Originally they were known as Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), which translates as “Bulletproof Boy Scouts”. Their journey has not been an easy one. But while facing several ups and downs, one thing which remained constant was the love and support they got from their fans. Their fans, popularly known as "ARMY", have always been fascinated by them. Be it lyrics of their songs or their style quotient, the group has always stood out and made a statement.

Their debut single, “No More Dream,” discussed the problem of children throwing away their future and dreams for mindless studying. From the very beginning, their music has been centered around youth and social critique. The lyrics to their songs are deep and resonating.

Here are some beautiful lines from their song 'DNA'.

“From the day of the universe’s creation and beyond

Through the infinite centuries and beyond

In the previous life and maybe the next too
We’re eternally together.”

The band has won the most number of Daesangs. Daesang means "grand prize." The highest achievement a K-pop artist can receive for selling the most digital and physical albums, awarded at two end-of-year award ceremonies: the Golden Disk Awards and the Seoul Music Awards. Their other most famous awards include,  Album of the Year, Worldwide Icon of the Year, Song of the Year and  Artist of the Year.

Throughout their journey, BTS has gained massive female fan following worldwide. What is it that makes them so special despite the language barrier? Why is the group the cause of every girl's euphoria?

Here are five women answering these questions.

According to Lovkya Sushya, 19 from Andhra Pradesh, BTS is her every mood. She says, “I found BTS when I was at a low point in my life. Their songs healed me. They talk about mental health, loving ourselves, running towards our dreams and working hard. In these days of toxicity, they spread love”. She feels that there are no language barriers in music as subtitles are always available. The social service and charity they do makes them more amazing, she believes.

“Sometimes they are super cute, sometimes super hot and sometimes super handsome. And their dancing and rapping is beyond words”, says Kashish, 19 from Meerut. As per her, they have so many qualities that it’s hard to put them into words. She started listening to them in 12th standard.

Gaurangini Raghav, 19 from Dehradun Uttarakhand says, “I’ve been western music all my life. Therefore, when I discovered BTS, I realised how humble pop stars can be. They are not like the general pop stars. The message of love yourself they spread is beyond anything. Whenever they win, they address their fans. They really value us and show it very often which makes us a part of the BTS family”.

On the other hand, Yukta Luxmi, 14 from Dehradun, Uttarakhand likes to listen to them as though she cannot understand the lyrics. “Whenever I listen to their voice, I feel like they’re very close to me. Sometimes you don’t need to understand the lyrics to enjoy the song or jam to it. The songs like ‘DNA’, ‘Mic Drop’ and ‘Boy With Luv’ are perfect for jamming".

Shruti Kala, 19 from Dehradun, Uttarakhand feels that they make music not just about girls and romantic love, but about more serious issues. “They are far away from toxic masculinity. Boys doing makeup is still stereotyped in our society but they don’t care about stereotypes. Besides, they acknowledge their fans so much and write songs for them. Their love for us makes us love ourselves, which is just great!”

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