Haryana: In a First, Malik Gathwala Khap asks women to Shun Ghoonghat

Charvi Kathuria
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In a heartening move, a Khap body has asked women to shun this decade-old tradition of wearing a veil inside and outside of the home. This is for the first time that such a Khap body has taken such a decision.


The Malik Gathwala Khap is one of the largest and most influential in Haryana. It took the decision at the Sonepat’s Gohana town during an event organised to mark the birth anniversary of its ancestral leader on Monday evening.

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Ending the old-age traditions

Baljeet Malik, 66, chief of Malik Gathwala Khap said, “Time has come to end the age-old traditions that are not relevant today. Expecting women to remain confined under veils is foolishness. It blocks their vision and does not let them breathe properly. Happiness and peace comes to those houses where daughters-in-law are loved like real daughters.”

The Khap said that women can keep the scarf on their heads to show their respect towards elders.

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Other noble initiatives

Besides this, the Malik Gathwala Khap which has jurisdiction over 700 villages across Haryana, Punjab, UP and Rajasthan has asked people to honour ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign by socially boycotting those indulging in female foeticide or infanticide.

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The Khap said it was hopeful of setting an example. It also expressed its desire of seeing other Khaps following the move.

It is good to see this Khap transforming itself by shedding its archaic mindset and embracing change. This is the only way we can gradually move towards a more progressive society.

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