DC Comics Fires Veteran Editor Eddie Berganza for Sexual Misconduct

Poorvi Gupta
Nov 15, 2017 11:16 IST

Adding to the list of professionals who have been fired by corporate following allegations of  sexual misconduct is media giant DC Comics. They suspended top editor Eddie Berganza on Monday. Berganza has accused by three women of alleged sexual abuse (two on the record and one unnamed) as per reports by BuzzFeed last Friday.


At DC Comics, Berganza closely worked with Superman and Wonder Woman properties. One of the three women, Liz Gehrlein Marsham came up with an allegation of sexual abuse against Berganza. She revealed that Berganza first tried to force a kiss on her and then allegedly groped her in December 2006.

DC Comics editor “grabbed her and repeatedly tried to pull her in for a kiss”

Another complainant who is also an editor at DC, Joan Hilty claimed that the editor “grabbed her and repeatedly tried to pull her in for a kiss” in the early 2000s as reported by BuzzFeed. While the women complained to the company’s Human Resource department, it is only now that DC took action against the veteran editor.


“Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have terminated the employment of DC Comics Group Editor Eddie Berganza,” the statement said. “We are committed to eradicating harassment and ensuring that all employees, as well as our freelance community, are aware of our policies, are comfortable reporting any concerns and feel supported by our Company,” wrote DC Comics in its statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

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There is a series of sexual abuse claims against Berganza over the years at DC. But he continued to rise to the ranks of a top editor.


Earlier in 2010, a former DC editor Janelle Asselin along with other DC employees reported a joint complaint to the HR but to no avail. In fact DC promoted Berganza to become the Executive Editor of the company.

However, in 2012 DC brought him down after another allegation came forward. It involved him in a case of forceful kissing at the WonderCon entertainment convention. He was with the company since the early 1990s.

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