Haldi Doodh Vs Turmeric Latte: Rujuta Diwekar reminds us to be Vocal for Local at Fit India

Rujuta Diwekar health advice

In a virtual discussion on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with fitness influencers and several sportspersons during Fit India Dialogue to mark the first anniversary of the Fit India Movement. “I am glad that healthy eating is becoming a part of our way of living,” lauded the Prime Minister who launched the ‘Fit India Age Appropriate Fitness Protocols’ to inspire one another into following fitness routines.

The online interaction saw participants from different walks of life, including cricketer Virat Kohli, runner Milind Soman, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar and other fitness enthusiasts, who in succession shared tips and anecdotes of a healthy life.


Indian recipes, going global

“Becoming fit is not as difficult as most think. It just requires a little discipline,” Modi further added stressing on the importance of mental health. He said that “a sound mind, is in a sound body” goes a long way. Agreeing with him, dietician Diwekar mentioned about adding some home remedies to the diet. “Your appeal for ‘vocal for local’ is the need of the hour. When we say Haldi doodh is good for health, people don’t listen. Call it ‘Turmeric Latte’ and people have it to make it a statement.” She also stressed that fitness trends have upgraded a little but “compromising on a balanced and healthy diet is not good at all. Don’t count what you eat. Eat enough to feel comfortable.”

Rujuta has always been a big proponent of dal, rice and ghee. She said simple home foods are important she added. “We should not lose health, but weight. We should eat home-made food and avoid packaged food. This is the secret to good health,” she claimed.


Tips: Meditate in the morning

Jammu and Kashmir footballer Afshan Ashiq who was also on the show talked about her journey and how important it is to keep oneself fit. The young goalkeeper noted how fitness is important as a woman in India and she shared that she draws inspiration from MS Dhoni. “I have learned a lot from him. He operates very calmly be it as a captain or as a player. I try to do the same. The way he works in his life, I believe everyone should function the same way to keep the mental stress under check. Such practices help in keeping the day-to-day jobs stress-free,” she told PM Modi.

She says that she mediates in the morning and received praise from Modi himself. “What you have done in your career, you’ve become an inspiration for girls all over Kashmir and India. Following you, many girls will come forward seeing you as an example,” the Prime Minister told Afshan on the occasion.