'Late And Forced:' Mother Slams Gymnastics Ireland's Apology

Gymnastics Ireland's mishandling of a racial incident at a medal ceremony sparked international outrage. Now the player's mother has spoken out on the matter.

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26 Sep 2023 Updated On Sep 30, 2023 13:15 IST
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Gymnastics Ireland's Failure to Address Racism Sparks Outrage

Gymnastics Ireland's mishandled a racial incident at a medal ceremony. Credits: @mhdksafa

In a shocking display of insensitivity and institutional indifference, Gymnastics Ireland (GI) has come under fire for its handling of a disturbing incident during a medal ceremony in March 2022.


The incident, which has recently resurfaced and gone viral, involves the neglect of a young black gymnast during the medal presentation, raising serious concerns about systemic racism in the sport. 

Gymnastics Ireland has since issued an apology "for the distress it caused."

However, the gymnast's mother expressed her dissatisfaction with the apology and considered it meaningless. She recounted that witnessing the incident as it unfolded in real time was a deeply distressing experience. The girl's mother asserted that this apology only came after 18 months had passed since the initial incident, and she believed it was prompted by public pressure.

She stated, "I didn't think that in this day and age, such a situation could occur. It's painful to state the obvious - my daughter was the only black child in that competition, and she was very prominent. There was no justification for what occurred."

She further expressed that her daughter was profoundly affected by the incident, feeling as though she was unfairly treated due to her race. Apparently, the mother had emailed Gymnastics Ireland the day after the event in the hopes of receiving an empathetic response.

A Shocking Disregard for Equality


The incident in question unfolded in March 2022, as a judge at the medal ceremony handed out participation medals to a line of young gymnasts. Shockingly, the judge ignored the only black girl among the participants. The disheartening scene was witnessed by a photographer, coach, and other officials, all of whom stood by without intervening, while a crowd of hundreds watched from the stands.

What makes this incident even more disturbing is Gymnastics Ireland's subsequent response, or rather, lack thereof. Instead of acknowledging and addressing systemic racism in the sport, GI chose to distance itself from the incident, framing it as a personal dispute between the gymnast's family and a single individual. For 18 months, GI did not offer any form of apology, raising serious questions about their commitment to equality and justice in gymnastics.

Gymnastics Ireland's Evasive Stance

Despite the global uproar and calls for accountability, Gymnastics Ireland chose to distance itself from the incident, labelling it as a mere "member-to-member complaint." This minimization tactic downplayed the gravity of the situation, framing it as a personal dispute between the affected family and a single individual, the judge in question. Astonishingly, for a staggering 18 months, Gymnastics Ireland refrained from issuing a formal apology, leaving the affected family to grapple with the emotional aftermath of this deeply troubling incident.

Silence Speaks Volumes


The gymnast's family has been vocal about their disappointment in Gymnastics Ireland's handling of the situation. They rightly assert that this incident is not an isolated case but a reflection of a deeper, systemic issue within the sport. By choosing to remain silent, GI sends a troubling message that they are willing to tolerate such behaviour, allowing racism to persist unchecked. The gymnast's mother, who chose not to be named to protect her daughter's privacy, voiced her frustration, stating, "It's unbelievable that you treat a little girl this way. It's a systemic problem because when you [GI] don't speak out, the message is that you are happy for it to go on."

An Apology Delayed and Lacking

GI's actions, or lack thereof, became even more perplexing during the mediation process. It was revealed that the judge had penned a heartfelt personal apology within days of the competition, intending it for the Gymnastics Ireland official who was liaising with the family. However, this crucial apology was never passed on to the family. Instead, they received a generic, two-line apology a year later, addressed "to whom it may concern." The gymnast's mother rightfully questions why the original apology was withheld, a question that remains unanswered. GI's delayed and insufficient response only adds to the perception that they are more concerned with protecting their reputation than addressing the welfare and safety of young athletes.

International Outcry 

As international outrage over the incident grew, Gymnastics Ireland issued a statement that, while expressing concern to the family, fell short of acknowledging the systemic issues at play. The statement included an apology from the judge, which was widely misinterpreted as an institutional apology from GI. Simone Biles, the celebrated American gymnast, reached out to the family, offering her support to the young gymnast through a private video message. This month, Biles publicly condemned the treatment the girl endured, stating, "It broke my heart to see... There is no room for racism in any sport or at all."


Her teammate, Jordan Chiles, an Olympic silver medalist, also denounced the incident as "beyond hurtful on so many levels."

GI's Delayed Acknowledgment

In response to mounting pressure, GI finally acknowledged its shortcomings and sent a letter of apology to the family. However, for the gymnast's mother, this gesture came too late and fell short of addressing the core issues of racism and safety within gymnastics. After the horrendous incident that unfolded more than a year ago, it is clear that mere words will not suffice. What is needed are concrete actions that demonstrate a commitment to eradicating racism from the sport and ensuring the safety of all athletes, regardless of their background.

A Wider Indifference

Ken McCue, a longtime campaigner against racism in sport who has been supporting the family, points out that the failures of Gymnastics Ireland are compounded by a wider indifference from Ireland's sporting and political authorities. Domestic support has been lacking, leaving international voices like Simone Biles and the San Jose Gymnastics team to stand up against injustice. Mediation itself only began due to international pressure, highlighting GI's initial reluctance to address the issue seriously. It is clear that GI's handling of the incident has raised more questions than answers, and their commitment to real change remains in doubt.

Gymnastics Ireland's response to this incident has been marked by delays, inadequate apologies, and an apparent focus on preserving its reputation rather than addressing racism within the sport. As the world watches, the onus is on Gymnastics Ireland to take meaningful action to rectify this grave injustice and ensure the safety and inclusion of all athletes, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

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