UK McDonald’s Outlets Face Over 100 Allegations Of Assault, Racism

More than a hundred current and ex-staff members at McDonald's UK outlets have spoken out about sexual assault, harassment, racism, and bullying. The company faces scrutiny and calls for franchise terminations amid widespread allegations.

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Image credits: CNN

Image credits: CNN

In a shocking revelation, more than a hundred current and former employees of McDonald's have come forward to share their harrowing experiences of sexual assault, harassment, racism, and bullying within the company's UK outlets. These distressing claims have ignited a fierce debate about the treatment of workers in one of the country's largest private-sector employers.

The issue gained significant attention after an in-depth investigation conducted by the BBC shed light on the disturbing incidents taking place within McDonald's establishments. The report uncovered a series of allegations made by workers as young as 17, who claimed they had been subjected to groping, sexual harassment, and intimidation, ultimately leading some to quit their jobs.

Allegations Of Assault Racism At McDonalds UK

The investigation, initiated by the BBC in February of this year, unearthed over 100 shocking allegations from employees regarding sexual assault, harassment, racism, and even homophobia that had occurred over the past five months alone. McDonald's, while insisting on its commitment to upholding labour standards, found itself amid a public outcry.

One teenage employee, who is still working for the fast-food chain, recounted her horrifying experience of being targeted by a colleague several decades older than her. She revealed that he used racial slurs against her, made inappropriate advances, and expressed a desire to have a mixed-race child. Another distressing incident involved a 16-year-old male worker being propositioned for sexual acts in exchange for vapes.

Former employees have also bravely shared their traumatic encounters. One former worker recalled, "They'd grope stomach, waists, bums. Every shift I worked, there would be at least a comment being made, or I'd be brushed, a hand brushed across me, or it would be a more severe thing, like having my bum grabbed, hips grabbed.'' These revelations paint a grim picture of the work environment endured by McDonald's employees.

Disturbingly, the investigation uncovered instances of racial discrimination as well. A current worker, originally from India, revealed that crew members would mockingly imitate her by speaking in "gibberish" and referring to a Pakistani colleague as a terrorist. Shockingly, despite complaints being raised, the company's managers failed to take appropriate action to address the issue.


Reacting to the distressing claims, Darren Jones, a Member of Parliament and chair of the Business and Trade Committee, described them as "some of the most appalling" allegations he had encountered. Jones urged McDonald's to terminate franchise agreements with outlets that do not adhere to labour laws, emphasising the need for accountability and ensuring a safe and respectful work environment for all employees.

Following the investigation's revelations, McDonald's issued a public apology, acknowledging that they had "fallen short" in addressing these critical concerns. The company expressed deep regret for the distress caused to their employees and pledged to take immediate action to rectify the situation.

The seriousness of the allegations prompted a response from the government as well. A spokesperson for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak expressed deep concern over the distressing claims and affirmed that steps would be taken to ensure appropriate action is taken.

McDonald's, with over 170,000 employees spread across 1,450 restaurants in the UK, holds a prominent position within the country's private sector. As one of the largest employers, it now faces the daunting task of rebuilding trust and implementing comprehensive measures to eradicate the deeply troubling incidents of sexual assault, harassment, racism, and bullying within its establishments.

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