Gujarat Woman Sets Two Minor Sons On Fire Before Immolating Herself

Man Beheads His Ex-Girlfriend, Woman And Two Kids Burned To Death
Gujarat woman sets sons of fire: A 28-year-old woman allegedly set her two minor sons ablaze before immolating herself over a domestic dispute in Rajkot, Gujarat on Saturday.

As per reports, the alleged incident took place in Rajkot’s Nakrawadi area on Saturday morning. The woman named Dayaben Dedaniya put kerosene on herself and her two sons, as per inspector N N Chudasama of Kuvadva police station. The woman and sons Mohit and Dhaval who were seven and four years old were charred to death.

The inspector said that the woman lived with her husband, her children and mother-in-law in a two-bedroom house. The woman used to have frequent fights with her mother-in-law. The police have suspected that her death might have been an extreme step because of the fight.

When the incident took place, the woman’s husband and father-in-law reportedly had gone out for work. Her mother-in-law was in the washroom, the police official said. When the mother-in-law saw the smoke she reportedly cried for help. The woman and her sons soon died because of severe burn injuries. The police are currently investigating the case further.

Similar Case:

According to a report, a woman reportedly killed herself by drinking poison at a police station in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh. She reportedly did so over the alleged police inaction on her rape complaint. The police have suspended a police officer on charges of negligence but they have denied that the woman died by suicide at the police station.

The survivor’s husband claimed that his family pleaded with the police for justice multiple times but the police failed to take any action. After the woman’s death, the police have registered a rape complaint.

The member of parliament from Azamgarh and chief of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav condemned the BJP government for the alleged inaction of police. In a tweet, he wrote, “In Azamgarh, hurt over lack of action against the accused of rape, a woman committed suicide in a police station–very sad!”

“This incident is a slap on the face of the BJP government, which makes tall claims of giving justice to the common man. The government should take the strictest action against the guilty police officers and the accused,” Akhilesh Yadav added.

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