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Green Beans Are Packed With Power: Here’s Why

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Isn’t it just awesome when you can use something in a number of ways to your advantage? When a food item not only brings health benefits, but tastes great too? Green beans are everything that fit the description. It’s a power food that you simply cannot miss.

The bean gene

Now, that the hype is created, let’s figure out the why. Belonging to the bean family, Phaseolus Vulgaris, green beans are popular all over the world. There are almost 150 varieties of these beans in the world, ranging in all shapes and colours depending on areas of cultivation. They also may be called differently, again depending on different regions.

More power to you!

Despite the differences, the health benefits and all the nutritional content in beans remain just the same. It won’t be wrong to say that Green beans are a power food. The most important benefits are highlighted below:

Know it in your bones

Due to the vitamin content, these beans activate osteocalcin, the most non-collagen protein present in bones. The compound holds together calcium molecules and strengthens the bones.

Beauty and the bean

Green beans are great for the skin, hair and nails. The nutritional power does wonders since these beans are full of an easily absorbed type of silicon. This boosts skin health and strengthens nails since they form healthy connective tissues.

System of the immune

Green beans contain antioxidants that boost the immune system. These antioxidants are benefit providing compounds that seek out the harmful radicals and eliminate these before they cause damage to the body.

Keep them coming – protein, energy, and vitamins

According to the book, ‘Healing foods’, fresh green beans are those edible pods that are picked early during a plant’s growth cycle. These become even more fibrous and tougher as they mature. Green beans are rich in vitamin A, C and K, being a strong source of folic acid. What’s more interesting is that these contain twice the amount of iron than that is present in spinach. A great source of protein, due to the immensely higher fibre content, it gives a boost to our energy.

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Prevent potential damage

Green beans, high in antioxidants, prevent damage to the body though its defence system.

For the love of fitness

Green beans contain powerful diuretic properties that serve as a great detox and assist in getting rid of unwanted toxins from the body. What’s even more helpful is that these beans are extremely low in calories, contain low amount of cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium.

Great for vision

Beans contain specific carotenoids that prevent macular degeneration, something that leads to a decrease in the eye function and weakens the vision. It therefore ensures that your eyes remain healthy and damage-free. Including beans in the diet is therefore a must.  

Oh, the style!

There are as many recipes as one can try in order to include green beans in the diet. Adding them in your shakes, salads, consuming the beans as main course vegetable, including in the snack variant etc. are some ways. Also, consuming it in the desi Indian vegetable style served with chapati, works well too. Therefore, add it to the diet and don’t miss out on the power of this food’s versatility.

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