Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the 110th birth anniversary of Bollywood actor Mary Ann Evans who is popularly known as Fearless Nadia. She was called the Bollywood’s original stunt Queen.

The illustration for today’s Google Doodle is by Bangalore-based comic illustrator Devaki Neogi.

Know more about this powerhouse of talent

  • Nadia was an Australian-born performer and is remembered for her stint in the Hindi film industry in the 1930s and 1940s. With 38 films to her credit, she rose to fame for her ability to do her own stunts.
  • In most of her films, she portrayed the role of an Indian woman fighting injustice and saving the masses from oppressive rulers.
  • J.B.H Wadia, the founder of Wadia Movitone, was the person who introduced her to the world of Hindi cinema

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  • Interestingly, preceding her stint as an actress in Bollywood she had worked as a circus performer. During circus activities, she would perform trapeze activities and other stunts.
  • Dorothee Wenner has written a book in German on her – ‘Fearless Nadia – The True Story of Bollywood’s Original Stunt Queen (2005). It was translated into English by Rebecca Morrison.
  • She married the Indian filmmaker and producer Homi Wadia.
  • She has starred in movies such as ‘Diamond Queen’, ‘Desh Deepak’, ‘Khiladi’ (1968) and ‘NooreYaman’.
  • During one of her last on-screen appearances (Khiladi), Nadia displayed her unparalleled strength and talent. She lifted up a man and threw him in the air. Interestingly, she was 53 years old then.
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