Gloria Steinem to Co-Chair Women’s March on Washington

Gloria Steinem

Organisers of a Women’s March are expecting more than 200,000 people to take part in a mass demonstration, a day after US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on the 21st of January, 2017.

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The march, which started as a Facebook event, aims to send a message to Trump, whose campaigns have often been subjected to criticism over proposed policies on women. Well-known feminist icon Gloria Steinem confirmed her participation in the march on her Instagram post on Tuesday.

“Proud to announce my role as honorary co-chair of the Women’s March on Washington. See you there?” she wrote in her post.

Gloria Steinem, Women Right's activist. Photo credits: Biography.com

Gloria Steinem, Women Right’s activist. Photo credits: Biography.com

Steinem, a supporter of Hillary CIinton, was named as one of the honorary co-chairs along with Harry Belafonte.  Initially, an anti-Trump march, it has now has expanded globally, with more than 30 cities taking part in it, including Sydney, Zurich and Mexico. The march aims to target racism, promote women’s rights and highlight social justice and human rights issues, including proposed policies on healthcare, immigration. Many celebrities have already shown interest in attending the march and the rest of the names are said to be announced in the New Year.

The organisers of the March said that the march is not targeted at Trump specifically, “It’s much more about being proactive about women’s rights,” reported The Guardian.

Steinem told The Guardian, “Our constitution does not begin with ‘I, the President.’ It begins with, ‘We, the People.’ I am proud to be one of the thousands who have come to Washington to make clear that we will keep working for a democracy in which we are linked as human beings, not ranked by race or gender or class or any other label.”

Feminism: Gloria Steinem began her journey from India

Feminism: Gloria Steinem began her journey from India

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Trump himself is “unconcerned about the potential for protests during the inauguration week,” said his Inaugural Committee Communication Director, Boris Epshteyn to CNN.

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After Donald Trump’s win in the US elections, Gloria Steinem wrote in an op-ed, “In my country, the white lash and the man-lash have just created President Donald Trump, an unqualified candidate who came up not through politics, but through inheriting money, a gift for bullying, and being on television,” she adds, “We will not mourn, we will organize. Maybe we are about to be free.”


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