Viral: First Computer Science Graduate From Her Basti Feels Grateful To B.R. Ambedkar

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Girl Thanks BR Ambedkar: A Twitter user thanked Ambedkar on August 30 after graduating. Soon after, the tweet went viral. In the same, she claimed that she was the only girl to study Computer Science from her basti ( locality). “I used to look around my neighbourhood and keep saying this to myself, “I’ll make it outta here!!,” she added.

Gunpriya Sarpate, a Twitter user wrote, that being the only girl from her Basti to study computer science, she had to travel several kilometers daily to attend classes. She added that she used to look around her neighbourhood and keep saying to herself, “I’ll make it outta here”

“Today I’m graduated 🙂 Thanks Babasaheb Ambedkar, forever in debt.”

Girl Thanks B.R. Ambedkar After Graduation

Soon after tweeting the same, netizens took to the comments section to applaud the courage of Sarpate while many extended offers for financial help.

Within less than three hours of being posted, the tweet went viral and garnered more than 541 Retweets and 6,000 Likes.

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Among other netizens, Senior civil servant of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Mannivannan liked the tweet and replied, “This is an achievement in itself! The future of our country is made of dreams and the hard work of persons like you. The dream of our leaders like Dr Ambedkar. Proud of you girl! More power to you. Go and win the world!

Another user wrote that these are the stories that people want to hear and claimed that this is the true meaning of achieving freedom. They added, “The Azadi ka Mahotsav should be based on such upliftments achieved through education of the marginalised.”

Amidst other congratulating messages, one of the netizens also extended help to Sarpate. The comment read, “Priya, that’s amazing! Mustn’t have been easy, and you must be so proud.”

Sarpate wrote in her Twitter bio that she is a small town girl with big dreams who builds user interfaces and apps.

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