Girl Buys Over A Lakh Worth Phone By Selling 12 Mangoes, Will Be Able To Attend Online Classes

girl sells mangoes for phone, Girl Gets Phone For 12 Mangoes
Girl Gets Phone For 12 Mangoes: A 11-year-old girl recently made headlines after she managed to sell her mangoes at the price of Rs 10,000 each to get a brand new phone of Rs 1,20,000. “Yes, I sold mangoes so that I could resume my studies online,” said the girl.

Addressing the generous buyer as “uncle”, Tulsi Kumari said that she sold a dozen of mangoes at the price of Rs 1,20,000, each mango for Rs 10,000.

The buyer was found out to be Ameya Hete, managing director, Valuable Edutainment Pvt Ltd, responsible for facilitating online classes. According to a report by TOI, he deposited the said amount to Kumari’s father’s bank account on June 23 after learning about the minor’s struggle to financially support her family.

Girl Gets Phone For 12 Mangoes

Reportedly, Kumari saved money so that she could buy an Android smartphone for her virtual schooling, during the COVID-19 pandemic. The class five student had to discontinue her schooling after her Government school switched to an online mode of education.

Hete said that he was touched by the girl’s determination. “She didn’t blame her fate or asked for alms,” he added, “This is why I said we have bought her mangoes and not done any charity work.”

Hete wanted to encourage her and acknowledge the dignity in work, at the same time encourage others to not give up by setting Kumari’s example.

Taking to his official Twitter account, Hete wrote, “We are proud of you Tulsi for setting an example and not submitting to your reality. “Where there is a will there is always a way .

Last year, among all other incidents of difficulties due to online classes, inflicted especially on the economically backwards section of the society, a man sold his cow, the only source of income, to buy a smartphone for his children.

Fortunately, Sonu Sood took the cue and helped the family after learning about the same on the internet.