Long Island Native Gabby Petito’s Missing Case: 10 Things To Know

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YouTuber Gabby Petito, a native of Long Island, New York went missing. Petito’s mother filed a missing person’s report on 11th September who also stated that her daughter was on a cross country national parks tour with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie. Songs about heartbreak and love mysteriously surfaced on her Spotify playlist on 1st September, a day after Petito’s mother last received texts from her.

Here are 10 things to know:

  1. Gabby Petito is 22-year-old native of Long Island, New York who was on a cross-country national parks tour with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie during which she went missing.
  2. She was last seen in Grand Teton, Wyoming on 25th August heading to Yellow Stone National Park in a white 2012 Ford.
  3. It was reported that 10 days before her disappearance, a succession of songs about love and heartbreak surfaced on her Spotify playlist “Mtn tops” on 1st September, a day after Petito’s mother last received texts from her.
  4. “Take My Hand” and “The Badger’s Wake” were 2 of the songs by British singer Matt Berry that appeared in the playlist.
  5. The songs are about picking a stranger at a bar and about the animal decomposing respectively.
  6. She shared her Spotify account with her boyfriend who has been declared as person of interest in her disappearance.
  7. Laundrie has declined to cooperate with the authorities. His family has added in a statement that they would be “remaining in the background” as the investigation plays out.
  8. “Step up and do the right thing” urged the stepfather of the missing to her Laundrie. He requested his family to start cooperating with law enforcement officials who are investigating her disappearance stating that he must know something as he was with her on the trip.
  9. It was also reported that police in Moab, Utah, had been called to a domestic “incident” involving the couple on 12th August, as they were passing the state in their van. Eventually, there were no arrests made or charges filed.
  10. Gabby Petito’s last Instagram posts was on 26th August Halloween captioned as “Happy Halloween 🪰🎃

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