“He Is Dangerous” says FKA Twigs. 10 Things About The Lawsuit Against Shia LaBeouf

shia lebeouf case

FKA Twigs, whose real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, accused LaBeouf of physically and emotionally abusing her when they were dating between 2018 and 2019. As per her complaint, the 34-year-old actor had constantly put her in a state of fear and humiliation. The case has been making headlines and stars like Australian singer Sia have also supported Twigs.

Here are ten extremely important details you can’t miss about this case:

1.Twigs and LaBeouf first met in 2018. During the shooting of Honey Boy, they started knowing each other. However, they didn’t start dating until after filming wrapped.

2.FKA Twigs recently sued her ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf for allegedly inflicting emotional distress and sexual battery. “I’d like to be able to raise awareness on the tactics that abusers use to control you and take away your agency,” Twigs told The New York Times.

3.Just after Valentine’s Day 2019, there was one incident mentioned in Twigs case against LaBeouf. Twigs says that LaBeouf was behaving recklessly, threatening to wreck the car if she didn’t confess her love for Twigs, while she was in the passenger seat of the car.

4.She says that she pleaded to be let out of the car and according to the case, LaBeouf allegedly pulled over at a gas station, followed her out of the car and attacked her, and then pushed her into the car.

5.The two were travelling home from a desert trip during which the star of Honey Boy, LaBeouf reportedly raged out and one night woke Twigs up and allegedly choked her.

6.In singer FKA Twigs’ lawsuit against ex-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf, she accused him of knowingly infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease

7.In a detailed statement via Variety, FKA Twigs said, “Shia LaBeouf hurts women. He uses them. He abuses them, both physically and mentally. He is dangerous. For too long, LaBeouf has sought to excuse his reprehensible actions as the eccentricities of a free-thinking ‘artist.’ Even though his history of violent behaviour was well-documented, many in the media have treated LaBeouf as a harmless figure of fun, which has helped enable him to perpetuate his cycle of abuse of women over the years. There is nothing funny about the exploitation of and battering of women.”

8.The lawsuit also mentioned an incident that left the singer, ‘profoundly disturbed and terrified’. In an attempt to get into the ‘mindset’ of his gangster character in the film The Tax Collector, he ‘claimed to drive around Los Angeles, shooting stray dogs dead’.

9.The actor’s career has been mired in controversy because of his legal troubles and well-documented substance abuse. 

10.Once earmarked as Hollywood’s next big leading man, he headlined the Transformers franchise and co-starred in the fourth Indiana Jones film, after which the actor’s career took a slump. In 2019, he staged a critical comeback with The Peanut Butter Falcon and the semi-autobiographical Honey Boy. British musician FKA twigs on Friday, 12th December filed this lawsuit. They were in a relationship for one year.

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