Road To Scientific Success: Five Inspiring Stories Of Mother-daughter Duos

We bring you stories of powerhouse mother-daughter duos who broke all the barriers set by the society. Mothers who raised bold and fearless daughters standing tall and showed the world what they are made of.

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Mother-daughter relationship is the strongest of all.” The bond that a mother and daughter share is pure yet powerful. A mother is a role model who teaches her daughter how to live and cherish life. There is an unmistakable connection between the two. We bring you stories of powerhouse mother-daughter duos who broke all the barriers set by the society. Mothers who raised bold and fearless daughters standing tall and showed the world what they are made of.


Dr Jayanthi Shastri and Dr Aditi Shastri

mother daughter researchers coronavirus Dr Jayanthi And Dr Aditi Shastri

The mother-daughter duo collaborated across continents and found out through research that coronavirus is more common in men than in women. Their study evaluated that on an average, a female patient can be cleared of the virus in four days, while men take around six days. Dr Jayanthi Shastri is the head of the Microbiology Department at Kasturba Hospital for Infectious Disease, Mumbai, while Dr Aditi Shastri, is an Assistant Professor of Oncology at the Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

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 Audrey Maben and Amy Mehta

Audrey Maben and Amy Maben Audrey Maben and Amy Maben


Audrey Maben is known to be India’s first female micro-light aircraft flying instructor, created history,  her daughter Amy Mehta joined her on a circumnavigation expedition in a micro-light aircraft. The first circumnavigation attempt to create a world record in a motor glider. They embarked on a world tour in their microlight to create awareness about women empowerment and aimed to empower underprivileged Indian girls who wanted to fly. The mother-daughter duo is a living example of strength and an inspiration for all the women.

 Mala Datta and Shreya Mishra

Mala datta and shreya mishra - from hindustan times Mala Datta and Shreya Mishra

This duo has undoubtedly set an example that there are no boundaries and limitations when it comes to learning. Mala Dutta, 56, achieved her dream of receiving a PhD degree along with her 28-year-old daughter, Shreya Mishra. Officials at the University of Delhi said it was the first time that a mother-daughter duo had completed their doctoral program together. They realized their dream and collected their degrees together.

''Almost all the parents see their child graduating, but few are lucky enough to see their parents graduating.” 

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  Amruta Gadge

Dr Amruta Gadge Dr Amruta Gadge and mother

Dr Amruta Gadge and her mother will inspire so many young girls wanting to take up STEM. Gadge's mother is a physics teacher who had inspired her daughter to push boundaries and pursue her dreams.

Dr Amruta Gadge of Sussex University created the fifth state of matter working from home not in a laboratory but in her living room using quantum technology. She successfully created a Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) at the University of Sussex facilities despite working remotely from her living room two miles away. This could mean experiments can be run in inaccessible places such as space or underground.

I would say that my mother has been my biggest support. She is a physics teacher herself, and she has constantly encouraged me to excel throughout my academic life. – Dr Amruta Gadge

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Jaya Parashar and Ankita Parashar

publive-image Jaya Parashar and Ankita Parashar

Gurugram-based STREAM Minds  founded by mother-daughter duo Jaya Parashar and Ankita Parashar. It is an initiative that promotes Science, Technology, Reading/Writing, Arts, and Mathematics education in India. STREAM Minds subtly introduces electronics to children through stories and simple paper circuits, and give them a real-life understanding of the role technology plays in our lives.

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