In A First, A Mother-Daughter Duo Receive PhD Degrees Together

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mother daughter duo receive phd

Do you think there is a particular age by which you should have received all your educational degrees? Well, if you think so, you might be wrong. A mother-daughter duo recently created history by receiving their PhD degrees together at the Delhi University. This is the first time that such a thing has happened said the officials from Delhi University.


Mala Dutta set out to pursue her dream of holding a PhD degree and enrolled herself for PhD (in Finance) in 2012.

Mala Dutta, 56, mother of Shreya Mishra, 28 was an Indian Economic Service Officer, working with the Defence Ministry. It has been 34 years since she received her master's degree. On Friday, 15 March, she received her Doctoral degree, a qualification she always dreamt of pursuing. What made it an extraordinary moment was that her 28-year-old daughter too received her doctoral degree on the same day.

Dutta set out to pursue her dream of holding a PhD degree and enrolled herself for PhD (in Finance) in 2012. That time, she had to take a break from her work at the ministry because her younger daughter was writing her class 12 board examination. That was the time when she decided she can do it. She then took study leave and worked seriously towards achieving her goal. Alongside, her daughter Shreya, who registered for her PhD two years later (in Psychology).

“After I registered for the PhD we realised that we can complete it together and make it the most remarkable moment for us. Though our subjects were totally different, I started seeking guidance from my mother and worked harder to complete it within three years,” Mishra said. Shreya confides that she had to work extra hard to complete her doctorate within three years, in order to get her degree at the same time as her mother.

" Learning with the students of my daughter's age was fun. There were instances when my professors would call me Ma'am, but I enjoyed it. It was a wonderful experience," says Mala Dutta.

"Though our subjects were totally different, I always sought the guidance of my mother and worked accordingly." - Shreya Mishra


The duo was to receive the doctorate degree last year. But the convocation was scheduled on the next day of Shreya's wedding. So there was no chance for them to visit the convocation and receive the degrees together. Officials in the university said that "We would have surely made it to the news headlines if we attended the convocation and received the degree together that day. But now it is even better because my paternal grandparents and my husband are also sharing the feat with me. This is even more special," added the daughter.

This duo is an amazing example of how and why you shouldn't end your dreams considering your age as a bar. There is always hope. There is one or the other way always open for you to pursue whatever you want to. You just need to search for it.

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