Five Eco-friendly Entrepreneurs Who Are Helping Our Environment

This world environment day, we recognize the efforts of unsung eco-friendly entrepreneurs across the country who worked selflessly and relentlessly to provide us a healthy environment.

Jun 05, 2020 10:25 IST
Five Eco-friendly Entrepreneurs Who Are Helping Our Environment

On world environment day 2020, we recognize the efforts of eco-friendly entrepreneurs across the country who worked selflessly and relentlessly to provide us with a healthy environment. These green entrepreneurs are changing the world and making it a better and greener place by saving our planet, lifting people and advancing growth.


Shagun Singh

Shagun Singh, the founder of Geeli Mitti is teaching the world to build, cool durable homes with mud and bamboo. The former marketing executive is doing it all to save the environment. Most people in the village address her as “Shagun Ma’am.” She’s a teacher, guide and an environmentalist who is making the most of life’s journey spreading awareness, teaching and touching the lives of many by saving the planet.

Geeli Mitti farms, a part of the Geeli Mitti Foundation, vouches for sustainability, creating spaces and structures that abide by the most natural form of living. At Geeli Mitti farms, every structure is built of mud, cow dung and lime. Trash is also used to make something useful out of it. The most significant part of Shagun’s journey is the ability to spread knowledge, help others transform their lives and make a difference in this process.


“The earth-bag technique is an extremely important. It is highly beneficial for earthquake-prone areas. Many people don’t know that during the Nepal earthquake, in one area, only one building kept standing while the others collapsed. It was because of the earth-bag technique that it was built with.” -- Shagun Singh.

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Prerna Prasad


Prerna Prasad used entrepreneurship as a medium to protect the environment. She is the founder and CEO of Ecoplore. A green business which urges people to explore nature in an eco-friendly manner and promote healthy living.

“Ecoplore is an endeavor to protect the environment. Through our venture, we promote hotels that are at least 30 percent green inside their boundary and are made of non-concrete material. The idea is to protect whatever serene environment we are left with.” -Prerna Prasad.

Ecoplore was one among the top startups for Smart Fifty by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. Prerna also won a scholarship at the Women Get Funded program by Silicon Valley-based investor Alicia Castilo Holley. Apart from this, she initiated the environmental movement against the cutting of 50,000 trees in South Delhi for the NBCC and CPWD redevelopment projects.


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 Antara Chatterjee

Little local, Antara's brainchild started when she came across someone volunteering on vacation. Antara Chatterjee, the founder of Little local attempts to change the way, India spends vacations and introduced the concept of volunteering while vacationing.


I became obsessed with the idea of merging travel, community impact, and unique experiences.  Antara Chatterjee

Community-based tourism provides a great experience for travellers as it is a mixture of cultures, traditional customs and it paves the way for a sense of belonging. The trip is based on community needs and environmental conservation and the trip also benefits the community.

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Sahar Mansoor

Sahar Mansoor, the founder of Bare Necessities, a zero-waste company. The vision is to provide a zero-waste environment. They take a cradle-to-cradle approach to every product, which is powered by natural, bare Indian ingredients; having no harmful impacts on health or the environment. All products are handcrafted by women in Karnataka. The young entrepreneur believes that encouraging an environment-friendly lifestyle is on top of her list.

 “In the larger sense, BN seeks to change the narrative on waste in India. In the future, BN seeks to become an interdisciplinary hub, a home for product designers.” -Sahar  Mansoor


Mansoor, an alumna of the University of Cambridge, with a background in environmental planning, policy, and law Sahar formerly worked at the World Health Organization in Geneva and SELCO Foundation on decentralized energy policy.

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Neerja Palisetty

Neerja Palisetty, the waste warrior and the founder of Sutrakaar Creations initiated in the idea of zero-waste and weaves creatively to conserve the environment. Also, Neerja published her paper on innovative and eco-friendly ways to recycle paper and utilize it. Sutrakaar Creations is known for its invention and uniqueness as the products are made of woven paper. She uses old discarded newspapers and all kinds of paper waste.

“Paper is considered as delicate, but once woven, it is a strong and versatile material, which has a vast scope. I researched before I started weaving paper,” - Neerja Palisetty

Palisetty is a graduate in clothing and textiles (home science) from MSU Baroda and has a post-graduate certificate to higher education from Nottingham Trent University, in the UK. Sutrakaar Creations is providing a source of livelihood for many women by spinning the yarn. It promotes sustainable livelihood combined with environment conservation.

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