Karnataka Women Industrial Parks Showing Positive Response

Karnataka industrial parks women

The initiative for setting up industrial parks for women in Karnataka was first taken up in 2014. After several delays in implementation, six industrial parks have started operation in the state. Previously, there have been women-only industrial parks in Gujarat and Uttarakhand. However, in Karnataka, the project is taking place on a much larger scale.

According to a report in TOI, Chief secretary K Ratna Prabha, who came up with this idea when she was additional chief secretary of the industries department, said: “The journey began in 2014-15, and to see the initiatives grow from just a few meetings with women entrepreneurs to forming of Ubuntu (a coalition of women entrepreneur associations), to having women-only parks, is more than satisfying.”

 Overwhelming response

The response for these industrial parks has been overwhelming. Hundreds of women entrepreneurs have shown interest in the project. More than 900 applications for space slot have reached the commerce and industrial department of the state. So far, 210 have been cleared. The successful implementation will enhance the number of women leading firms and industries as well as create job opportunities. By the end of the financial year, the state will have almost 340 acres of land dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

Six parks

Six parks are open as of now for the project. The allotment of space will take place in two phases. Applications for the first are being taken during the current year.

Of the six parks, the one in Harohalli has the most land — 300 acres with 106 in the first phase and 194 in the next —followed by 58.5 acres in Ballari, 50.7 acres in Kalaburagi, 48 acres in Mysuru, 44 acres in Mangaluru and 30 acres in Dharwad. “Layout formation process has begun in Harohalli, Kalaburagi, Dharwad and Ballari. We’ve issued notifications in Mysuru and Mangaluru,” M Byregowda, assistant director, Karnataka Udyog Mitra and nodal officer for these parks, told TOI.

Women-centric industrial policy

Keeping in mind the high demand for space for women, the women-centric policy was taken up. Apart from several concessions and subsidies, a lot of other incentives will be provided to women entrepreneurs. These parks will also have old age homes in their premises for aging family members. Additionally, there will be hospitals in order to fully aid these working women. The phase one allotment is expected to bring more women to the industrial sector. The second phase will begin later.

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