Women Are Shy Of Networking, But They Should Deliberately Invest In It

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In the run-up to the fourth edition of the #DigitalWomen'sAwards, we were at the Facebook studio with two successful entrepreneurs - Rashmi Tiwari of Aahan Tribal Development Foundation and Prerna Prasad of Ecoplore talking about the social impact their organisations have been able to create. The two stellar women spoke about their respective journeys and the role digital played into improving the lives of hundreds associated with them to SheThePeople.TV's Shaili Chopra.


Talking about her entrepreneurial journey, Rashmi Tiwari says, "Aahan Foundation works with girls in Jharkhand who are victims of gender violence, mainly trafficking. We work on the prevention of these girls being sold by their parents. We have more than 5,000 girls as part of the foundation in more than 50 villages.

On how she built awareness around the initiative, she said, "We have varied stakeholders. From corporates to International clients. We use the tool of storytelling to spread awareness."

"Ecoplore is an endeavour to protect the environment. Through our venture, we promote hotels that are at least 30 percent green inside their boundary and are made of non-concrete material. The idea is to protect whatever serene environment we are left with," said Prerna Prasad.

"My vision was to protect the environment. I have used entrepreneurship as a medium for it." - Prerna Prasad


Prerna shared that the fact that she didn't have a background in the tourism sector was an issue. It took her six months to do the research on the hospitality sector. Networking was equally important because tourism sector relies a lot on networking.

On getting donations through digital

Rashmi explained that they use their website, Facebook and WhatsApp to get donations and connect all stakeholders.


"We use WhatsApp for spreading awareness about the need to stop child marriages, menstrual hygiene and promote education. We even use WhatsApp to conduct lifestyle workshops," Rashmi said.

"Women are shy of networking, but they should deliberately invest in it." - Rashmi Talwar

Skills that helped

Prerna Prasad shared that her journalistic skills really helped since she had to interview people. Also, her network was of great help because they helped her find a local connect.

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