Mumbai: Fire Brigade Appoints Female Station Officers For The First Time

Fire Brigade Appoints Female Station Officers
For the first time ever, two female fire officers were recently promoted to station officers (SO) in the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB). Sunita Khot and SV Bhor, the two promoted officers, were serving in the position of Assistant Station Officers. The two officers have been in the brigade for the past ten years. They will now be stationed in Byculla and Wadala.

According to Hemant Parab, Chief Fire Officer of the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB), 23 MFB officers received promotions this year. Two female officers were promoted to this position for the first time in the Fire Brigade’s history, and Parab predicted that this would become a benchmark.

Station officers have administrative responsibilities for the brigade as well as managing a whole fire station. The Station Officer’s duties will include running a fire station, responding to emergency calls for help, doing maintenance tasks, and handling other office duties.

Although women only make up 6% of the force, senior MFB officials claimed that there are 116 female firefighters in the Brigade, making MFB home to the country’s largest female contingent. Additionally, out of the 180 officers in the brigade, three are female fire officers.

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Fire Brigade Appoints Female Station Officers:

The two promoted officers, Sunita Khot and SV Bhor were working as Assistant Station Officers. For the previous ten years, the two officers have served in the brigade. They are currently posted to Byculla and Wadala.

As Parab continued, these two women officers must remain vigilant round-the-clock now that they have been promoted. Additionally, in the event of a building collapse, fire, or any other accident occurring within the limits of their respective fire stations, they will have to lead the relief work as well. They will command all the officers, firemen, and women in the fire station because it is the primary response unit in the city.

Women firefighters must complete 800 metres in four minutes, jump from a height of 19 feet, run with a dummy weighing 45 kilogrammes on their backs, and demonstrate their skills in the long jump, javelin throw, shot put, and climbing ladders, in addition to meeting the minimum height and weight requirements of 162 cm and 50 kilogrammes. Men applicants must pass a fitness test with significantly higher requirements.

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