The Female Condom Demystified: All You Need To Know

female condom demystified
Female condoms: The market is flooded with varied contraceptive methods! You would surely be baffled, trying to understand what’s best for you and your partner for the best sexual experience. Women finally have the power to be in charge of their bodies; men too are delighted for being liberated from wearing condoms all the time. Thanks to the female condom!

What is a female condom?

A female condom, is a barrier contraceptive device, which means that it acts as a “physical barrier”, preventing the transfer of semen to the vagina. It is shaped like a pouch; almost like a thin bag with one end of the condom closed. There are elastic rings at both the ends, which help in placing the condom firmly in the vagina. The inside of the female condom is pre-lubricated with a lubricant, making it smooth for use.

How to use a female condom?

Be sure to insert a female condom correctly into the vagina! Women are to simply push the closed end of the condom inside the vagina before having sex, and pull it out and discard it after the act. You can watch videos on Youtube for a visual demo. We bet you have heard of the adage, practice makes a (wo)man perfect! So try your hand at perfecting this art!

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Is a female condom for me?

Woman contraceptives may not be so popular, sometimes due to stigma attached to women and sex-talk! Hence you may feel that you need not know or use a contraceptive for your body. Many girls have this conception that it is enough for your man to know about (and use) a contraceptive. Where did all the girl power go! With a female condom, you have the power to insist on your “right to safe sex”. So learn and master its use and liberate yourself sexually!

A female condom is Power to a woman, it minimizes chances of unintentional pregnancy as well as prevents sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Flexible applications are a boon, it can be used for both vaginal and anal intercourse (though not officially approved for anal intercourse). It is great from a pleasure perspective, the female condom is made of polyurethane (plastic) which is generally thinner. Thinner walls means more pleasure! Are you driven by stimulation of the clitoris? Then this one’s for you- outer ring of the female condom can intensely stimulate the clitoris! It comes handy for certain situations such as when the woman is not easily lubricated (for example after menopause). You can line it with a lubricant and there you go on a sensual ride! Another use is for sex during periods, since it traps the blood and prevents messiness!


However, it is important to be careful while using a female condom. It’s a foreign body and may cause irritation in the penis, vulva/ vagina /anus. Be careful to monitor any unusual reaction of your body.

Moreover, there is a chance the condom may rip or tear during the sexual intercourse. Being made of plastic, couples have reported it making noise during sex. Women may find it difficult to insert the condom and to remove it.

Female condoms are not available easily, but you can try ordering from online options.

Though female condoms are not a popular phenomenon, it can fuel sexual empowerment for women, by doing away with dependence on the partner for safe sex.

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